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The Rhythm of Living

By on Oct 30, 2016

letting go

When you live completely in each moment, without expecting anything, you have no idea of time. – Shunryu Suzuki

The following is a message from God
Everyone has their own rhythm of living, – for some it’s faster, for others it’s slower. For some it’s about always expecting, for others it’s about knowing when to let go. When you are forced to live outside your own rhythm, it’s exhausting.

Wisdom delivered via the web

The God Wants You to Know app is one of the few Facebook apps I use.The timeliness of these messages is often amazing.

The recent Message from God (stated above) is no exception.

I interpreted the message as His nudge to find a new rhythm of living no matter the head trash that can still seep into my mind.

So, over the last few weeks I’ve settled into a new rhythm. The new pace is different and sometimes it can feel uncomfortable because it’s new, but I know it’s the rhythm my mind, body and soul need right now. It’s a rhythm that’s showing me how to give way to happiness while letting go of the things that are broken and can never be fixed.

Finding Happiness

It’s taken me a lifetime to learn this lesson: Happiness isn’t found in completing a successful project, writing a popular blog post or being recognized for the work I do. While these things are important, the high feeling is momentary and fades as soon as the next task comes along.

But by adopting a new rhythm, a rhythm that reminds me to slow down, a rhythm that tells me it’s okay to let go, a more mature peace and happiness is waiting. It’s in these letting go moments when I realize what’s more important. Moments like:

  • Taking a minute to slow down and stop rushing.
  • Remembering to savor the present moment.
  • Celebrating life’s small print like the way the coffee smells as it coaxes me to get up and start another day or how the barbeque sauce drips over my hands as I take a big bit of the pulled pork sandwich.
  • Being grateful for exactly what I have and not wanting one thing more.
  • Accepting who I am – warts, blemishes and all.
  • Forgiving those who have hurt me and learning to forgive myself a little more each for the times I’ve hurt others.
  • Stop waiting and start doing.
My Own Rhythm

The new rhythm is beginning to take hold and settle down in my soul. Disappointment is being replaced with satisfaction; anxiety is giving ground to calmness and frustration is yielding to contentment.

God’s message has been speaking to me for a while. It’s funny it took a Facebook app to grab my attention. Now that His has it, I’m excited to keep moving.

I have a hunch my new journey – and rhythm – is only beginning.

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  • Pappi

    Alex, I really like your rhythm of living you speak of , it’s very true we all have our own.

    The momentary happiness is an outside job but to really enjoy what God gave us we must return to our childhood and learn. Happiness is a skill and like any other skill we learn to use it until it becomes a habit in our every day lives to overcome those challenging issues.

    Ever notice how children are so happy and when you are in their presence you are also caught up in their enthusiasm and excitement. That’s because children haven’t been taught to be a team member as society suggest they’re still relating to the realm of individuality and and the presence of God.

    Happiness is in our hands it’s a chosen pathway that leads to forgiveness, gratitude and eventually unconditional love.

    Happiness is the KEY – Be Happy and the doors will be unlocked

  • Human life is a miracle and it is like a basket of mystery. The Rhythm of Living could be different, but we, all have to go through same situation like ups & downs, happy & sorrow. We just need to learn how to overcome those moments through a findings of happiness in easy & fast way…and your ‘Finding Happiness’ s objects could be apply to find it…Thanks buddy…

  • This is one thing I’m trying to create myself…due to my bad habits, I’m finding it difficult. For example, I’t trying to get into a habit of getting u at 7, then 5am in the morning. Only one snagg…I’m an insomnia, so of course, getting to bed early is very tricky. Still I am persistant, as I have a longer goal that I am trying to take care off, and I know that persistance always pays off. I’m also trying to slow certain things down in life, so I can be more relaxed and not be so rushed. Thanks for posting