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How to Stay Positive – No Matter What

By on Aug 25, 2012

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Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. – Winston Churchill

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Creating your reality is one of the most empowering things you can do. You can look at a situation and see the good or you can look at the same situation and choose to see the bad. Often, your view of what’s happening is filtered through the lens of your thoughts.

Positive thoughts create more abundance. If you want better relationships, to be more successful in your career or to find a level of happiness that brings you peace and comfort, then focusing on what is right, on what is positive in your life, is a good start.

Negative thoughts, on the other hand, contribute to feelings of dissatisfaction, disappointment and defeat. You think the worst – and then it happens. Learning how to change your negative thoughts is the difference-maker between living a life filled with frustration and one filled with confidence.

We can always choose to perceive things differently. You can focus on what’s wrong in your life or you can focus on what’s right. – Marianne Williamson

Here are ten ways to stay positive – no matter what’s happening in your life. If you can stay positive no matter what life throws at you, you’ve got the freedom to change your life into anything you want it to be.

  1. Enjoy the Moment
    Make the most of every moment because life can change in an instant. While the present moment may be uncomfortable, it is the only one that is guaranteed. Look beyond the present problem and find the moments that are worth enjoying and then savor each one.
  2. 5 Happy Things Everyday
    Make a pact to recognize, and then celebrate, five happy things every day. No matter their size or significance, be sure to seek these happy things out and then hold them close so you can see their positive power.
  3. Empower Yourself
    Did you know that only 8% of the things you worry about actually come true? If you are worrying about the worst-case outcome of a situation, then make the choice to do everything you can to avoid it. Empower yourself to plan for the worse, but expect the best.
  4. Embrace Your Mistakes
    Accept the fact you are human, wonderfully, beautifully human, and then embrace your mistake as an opportunity to learn something new about yourself, and others. By becoming aware of your mistakes, you are able to move past them and prevent regret from keeping you stuck in the past.

    A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. – George Bernard Shaw

  5. Pay it Forward
    A positive attitude is contagious. When positive thoughts and feelings are filling you up, take time to spread your attitude. Pay your positive attitude forward and then witness the light you bring into the world.
  6. Learn to Say No
    Know when to say when. Over-committing and stretching yourself too thin is an invitation for negative thoughts to seek in. Create reasonable boundaries that, while they may push you, also keep you safe from anxiety.
  7. Hold Yourself Accountable
    Keep focused. Stay on your path. When you feel your positive attitude slipping away, hold yourself accountable for getting it back on track. No one wants your goals and dreams more than you do – and it’s going to take a positive attitude to make your dreams come true. It’s up to you to walk your path.

    Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anyone else expects of you. – Henry Ward Beecher

  8. Be Grateful
    Negative thoughts suck energy from you quickly. Reverse the flow by learning to live in a more grateful state. Life does suck sometimes; it just does. But even on life’s suckyness days, find one thing that deserves your gratitude. When you do, you are now open to receive more of what’s right in your life.
  9. Right or Happy?
    Would you rather be right or happy? The need to be right creates negative thinking because of your reluctance to let go of whatever the issue happens to be. To stay positive, sometimes being right or wrong just isn’t that important.
  10. Let it Go
    Holding on to old, negative thoughts will create a barrier so thick that new, positive thoughts don’t stand a chance of getting through. So, let your negative beliefs go. Surrender them. Hand them over to your higher power. You weren’t born to be consumed by constant negative thinking. You were born to make a positive difference in this world. It’s time to let go and begin living the life you are meant to live. It’s time to stay positive – no matter what.

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  • It is very important to try to keep a positive thought. Surely it is a procedure that requires training, but over time it can become a habit, I started to pay attention to it after a Coaching Course. Sometimes you risk getting stuck in negative thoughts, so it is important to learn to control them and replace them with good thoughts.

  • 8%come true!!!Surprising!! I have always an interest in human psychology, but I’m from Sociology. Although it is also related with human, but I feel some shortage. Thanks Alex for your inspirational 10 points…