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Opening Day – Again

By on Apr 02, 2017

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The beginning is the most important part of the work. – Plato

A note from Alex: I wrote the following post ten years ago. This is special because it’s the first post I wrote. Now a decade later, I have the opportunity to experience another Opening Day and the important reminders it offers.


April 3, 2007

The Kansas City Royals defeated the Boston Red Sox yesterday 7-1. It was Opening Day for the Royals and a reminder for me that when things aren’t going the way I hope or planned, I can begin to do things differently in order to see different results and regain my happiness.

The Royals have lost 100 games or more the last four out of five seasons. Last season we lost 100 right on the nose, but still there were 41,000+ of us there yesterday willing the team to a win.

During the off season, the club made the fundamental decision that what they had just wasn’t working so they started to make adjustments. A few new pitchers here, a new shortstop there and all of a sudden there was hope; there was optimism that things would turn out differently and we all bought into it yesterday.

I don’t think the Royals will win all of their games this season or even win their division, but they have started to win – they have started to turn it around.

Looking at my life, there are many times when I can declare an Opening Day and begin working to turn things around to get me ready for that day to arrive. If we want to embrace change, we must first acknowledge the need and desire for change.

I can work on becoming more confident with who I am and I can approach people at work with a more positive attitude. I can make a few other tweaks here and there and build some momentum and make my happiness a goal and a priority.

The best thing is I get to pick my own Opening Day; and I get to have more than just one per year.

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