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Where to Find Your Missing Piece

By on Dec 14, 2011

You never find yourself until you face the truth. – Pearl Bailey

Every now and then we feel a nudge somewhere deep inside and close to our souls.

We feel the emptiness and the panic when the realization hits us that something is missing – but we don’t know what it is, or when it may have disappeared or if we had it in the first place. We may not even know it’s missing until we are teased with a glimpse of its existence.

Sometimes the most difficult thing to endure is realizing what we want does indeed exist; we just can’t get to it, or have it right now.

The longing, the missing, of something can be painful. However, pain can tells us something. Pain can serve as a compass to point us in new directions and new opportunities. Pain can motivate us to understand the purpose of why something is missing. Our pain can help us find the missing piece.

In our moments of quiet desperation we push stuff down into the holes hoping to fill them up. We drink one beer too many or we eat when we are not hungry. We exercise too much or we pray even when we are not feeling spiritual.

We refuse to show our pain to the world; we self-medicate hoping to find relief; we wear our fear like a blanket. But when the last drink is sipped or the final bite is swallowed, we are still hiding in plain sight – wrapped tightly in our shame of not being able to find the missing piece.

While it’s true we just can’t have it all, somewhere along the way we were lead to believe we should. There’s no question love, money, personal relationships and success are all important, but reality suggests these things will always ebb and flow. By setting realistic expectations we are better able to reconcile the gaps when they do occur.

Perhaps what’s missing is only dormant for a while. Perhaps when something is removed from our life it’s so we can focus on another area. Remember this: Never get too excited with the high, highs in your life or too devastated with the low, lows. Instead, aim for someplace in between – a balance of the two.

Life is a process and its lessons are taught to us each day. It may be that what we want is removed for a while so we can concentrate on something else – something that will provide better answers.

Sometimes the less you try to find the source of what you are missing, the closer you become to finding the answer. At the end of the day you are here; you are a person of tremendous value and worth; and you are not missing.

Focus on nurturing you soul. Respond to the nudge by acknowledging its existence, but stay grounded with what you are doing and stay within your heart. The missing piece will fall into place naturally.

When it does, you will know its truth by how it fits.

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