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Your Brand New Day Starts Tonight

By on Jun 14, 2010

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. – Carl Bard

Article written by Alex Blackwell. Connect with me on Facebook.

Tomorrow holds a promise. It promises to give back whatever you put into it. Tomorrow provides the chance to make new choices, to discover new places and to see your life in a new way. Tomorrow promises a fresh start. This brand new day is waiting for you and it starts tonight.

Take an inventory tonight. Consider what’s working and what needs some attention. Look at your relationships; consider your happiness and check in with your sense of well-being. Close your eyes and go deep tonight.

Go to the place that is kept private. After arriving look inside and be honest about what you see. Be truthful about what’s tugging at your heart. This secret place gives you the chance to see more than just the black and the white. You can see beyond the obligations and to a place you are building in your dreams.

Understand this is your life and you get to color it anyway you wish. Brush on the red along with the green and fill in the holes with the blue. Use the night sky as your canvas to create a sunrise meant just for you.

In the silence of your bedroom, allow your soul to drift over this newly-painted sunrise. Then look to the horizon and watch the sun begin to grow brighter and spread over the landscape you call home. See yourself walking forward with the sun’s power nudging you from behind.

Feel the beautiful colors of freedom, confidence, love, abundance and peace begin to seep inside of you. Paint these words onto your heart. When you begin to grow weary, grab these words and hold them to close. Let them cover you like a blanket.

Your brand new day begins tonight:

    Allow the stillness inside you.
    Surrender to its peace.
    Breathe in the sweetness.
    Feel the warmth overtake you.
    Drift to a place where you played as a child.
    Remember running after fireflies.
    Hear your laughter.
    Listen to the cries of delight.
    Be in this place.
    Let its simplicity rush over you.
    Remember what it felt like to do whatever you pleased.
    Dream this tonight.
    You are free to play.
    You are free to be you.
    Celebrate the innocence.
    Use it to take you to wherever you want to go.
    Raise your hand.
    Be seen.
    Speak the words.
    Claim what is yours.
    Acknowledge your dignity.
    Rejoice in your value.
    Allow yourself to drift to sleep tonight.
    Dream in big colors.
    Red, green, blue or any color you choose.
    Take these colors and fill in the outlines.
    Look for what they reveal.
    See you.
    See you beginning a brand new day tonight.

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  • I like the positive energy coming through here. Thanks for sharing sites too.
    Jo Ann