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With All Your Heart

By on Feb 05, 2011

Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.

Temptation nudges you.
It’s waiting to seduce you,
seize your spirit and
claim your confidence.

But your heart knows
the difference between
the lie
and the truth.

Your heart knows
the words it’s meant to sing.

You heart knows
your words are not lost;
they have just struggled lately
to see the light of day.

But the words are still there.
Each word has been chosen
just for you.
Each word describes who you are
and who you are becoming.

With all of your heart
believe the words
to be true.
No matter how long it takes.

Your heart knows
and love
will give you the strength to wait.

Your heart knows
you are here
not to be tempted,
but to share
your gifts
with the world.
No matter how long it takes.

Your heart knows
the promise
of what’s ahead.

Your heart knows
how beautifully
it will sing
on the day
you share
all your words
with the world.

But, you’re not alone
in the temptation
to give up.

I will wait with you
no matter how long it takes.
And tell you the words
I hear coming from your heart.

Will you wait with me
no matter how long it takes?
And when I’m tempted to give up,
will you tell me what you hear,
with all your heart?

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  • I would love to repost with your permission, and the website included. Thank you, Mair

  • Loved this approach today Alex, absolutely refreshing and inspiring…however long it takes my friend


  • Great post. When we put out heart into our desires..we always end up on top.

  • Wow!! Dear Alex, this is sooooo beautiful, evocatively moving, and deeply inspiring, touching me waaay down into my core where it makes a difference. Very timely for me. Bless you. Robin