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Will I?

By on Feb 26, 2014


If you don’t take the chance to live life, what can you say at the end of it? – Naveen Andrews

Before the final curtain falls
will I taste the wine in Rome
and walk the beaches on the Gold Coast?

Will I find my value not from the lips of others
but from my own?

Will I wake the dreams inside me
and take them by the hand to where they want to go?

Will I smell a campfire one more time
and feel the morning dew kiss my face?

Will I show my passion
and let it burn bright for the world?

Will I savor love
and let it cover me like a warm coat?

Will I live like I know what I’m leaving behind
and soak in every second?

Will I ignore the lies
and stop them from breaking the spirit of my soul?

Will I find peace from the bottle she held tighter than me?

Will I
hang on to hope
lean on faith
stay strong
be free
before the final curtain falls down on me?


I will let
and strength
lead me to the final curtain.

That’s how I know I will savor the wine in Rome
and then find peace
before my final bow.

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  • Linda

    This is just what I need to read today. With every birthday i worry whether I’m making the most of my life. Inspirational writing; thank you.

    • You are most welcome Linda! I have the same worry as you, but then I just stay focused on giving it my best and then put trust in the rest.

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