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When It’s Time to Build Something New

By on Jun 15, 2014

letting go

Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go. – Hermann Hesse

It’s time to let go and see what’s next for me.

This is my last post on The BridgeMaker. After writing more than 700 posts for the past seven years, something is nudging me to move on and build something new.

The signs telling me that it’s time to close this chapter have been around for a while; I’ve just been ignoring them. I thought if I stopped writing then I would let people down. But over the last few months the motivation to write has come more from a sense of obligation than passion.

Hearing the Truth

When you stop and pay attention to what your inner voice, your inner wisdom, is whispering, you are seldom wrong. Said another way, I think we know the truth when we hear it.

My truth is there are other projects, goals and dreams waiting inside of me. Pride and fear sometimes keeps me stuck in what I know. Pride and fear also keep me from living my life’s purpose.

So, it’s time to cross this bridge, look back with no regrets and then begin building a new bridge that will take me from where I am today to where I want to go tomorrow.

Parting Words

The first thing to say is Thank you!

Thank you for encouraging me and walking with me. Your emails, Facebook messages, Tweets and blog comments have given me the courage to keep sharing my heart. Your heartfelt support has meant more to me than you’ll ever know.

With you, I’ve grieved the death of my mother and brother; celebrate my children’s specialness and honored the love Mary Beth and I share. With you, I’ve found healing and forgiveness.

If you would like to follow me online, I will still be writing for Everyday Inspiration. I’m also keeping this blog open so you can come back anytime you want.

It’s time to let go and see what’s next for me.

It’s time to create something new.

It’s time to build a new bridge.

The BridgeMaker Founder Alex Blackwell is the author of Letting Go: 25 True Stories of Peace, Hope and Surrender. Join the community to connect, share and inspire: Twitter | Facebook | More Posts

  • Dear Alex.

    I still remember that day when around 5 years ago I first stumbled across your post How to Love Consciously, and how I shared it with my colleagues. I didn’t know at that time that our lines would cross 1 day, when I’ll also write a book and start a blog on love.

    The Bridge Maker is in fact the only blog that I’m currently subscribed to and actually read the posts. 3 years ago it was very different. I was subscribed to 7-8 blogs, was on social networks, completing my book (The Sacred Seduction), blogging etc. Then it all just came to a sudden halt. I listened to my heart and started something new. It wasn’t a new job. I wanted to find more about me, about life, the authenticity of my beliefs etc. It was sort of meditation away from the maddening crowds. I was lucky to find such a place. I continued it for around 2.5 years and got some results that I didn’t least expect. If I look back at my life now I believe this was the time that was most well spent. Although I didn’t get anything financial out of it but at least the falsehood of the beliefs upon which I spent my previous life became apparent upon me. Now I’m in a process to take a fresh start, with new goals, ambitions and enthusiasm. Hopefully in a few months from now I’ll resurrect the blog and will totally rewrite my book under the light of these new experiences that I gained within the last few years of absence from the blogosphere.

    My request to you is to take a break from this bridge of love that you’ve created for some years, but please don’t shut its doors. After a few years from now when you’ve gained new experiences, come back to The Bridge Maker and again enrich our lives.

    I’ll be waiting…

    • Rumio,

      First, thank you for being a reader, but more important, thank you for sharing your story. I admire your courage to take a time out from life and search your soul.

      As I write in the post above, I’m not taking The BridgeMaker offline. I agree there could come a day when I want to double back and cross this bridge again – we’ll see where the spirit takes me.

      Best wishes as you do your re-entering to your blog and book. I hope you continue to find what your heart is seeking.


  • Alex, we’ve never met in person but yet talked so many times on line. You truly are a friend. You encouraged me when I shut down my first blog and took a 2 year hiatus. You also welcomed me back when I started my new blog. So I will do the same for you.

    Follow your heart. Know you have made a difference. Know you have made friends. And if and when you are ready to come back let us know so we can continue this journey together again.

    Oh, and stop by and say hi now and then on my blog. I’d love to continue our conversations.

    God’s blessings on you.

    • Doug,

      Thank you for the kind words and warm invitation! I will still be online often, so, yes, I will see you on our blog and who knows where else!

      I’m happy you consider a friend – let’s keep following our hearts together!

      Take care,


  • Pat Ruppel

    Thank you, Alex, for the friendship and all the words of wisdom you shared over the years and your kindness. I think we connected way back when you and I first started blogging back in 2007.

    I can understand what you’re feeling in that your heart is pulling you in other directions. I feel that, too, sometimes though it isn’t my time yet to leave blogging. There are still things there I have to learn.

    I thank you again for including my story in your book. It was the highlight of my year and truly an honor.

    God bless you and your new endeavors, Alex. I know you will soar in all that you do, my friend. Take care and please keep in touch.

    • Pat,

      You’re right – we have been connected since 2007! Where has the time gone? But over this time, you’ve given me tremendous support for which I will always be grateful.

      I will be back in some capacity soon – guaranteed. Until then, thank you for all you have done for me!



      • Pat Ruppel

        I don’t know, Alex, but one thing for sure the time sure flew by. The same goes for me, too, and thank you for all the tremendous support. I’m excited for you in your new adventures. I can’t wait to hear what you’ll be doing next. I know it will be inspiring and the best for you. 🙂

  • As a new member, I’m sad to see you go already. Best wishes for lots of success with your future projects!!! Definitely keep us posted.

    • Will do Ed. There’s no question I will be back with another platform/message soon!

  • Dear Alex, I love that you are listening to your those “inner whispers” of your intuition. When follow this inner guidance it always leads us to the right path we were meant to be on in our lives. I have no doubt that is where you are being led. I’ll miss you but I know you’re not gone but just “cooking up” the next chapter of your incredible life!
    Be well my friend and stay in touch,
    Angela Artemis

    • That’s a wonderful way to put it Angela “cooking up.” I can’t wait to see the ingredients I’ll be using. Thanks for your continued support and friendship – it means a lot, it really does!