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What One Thing Will You Leave Behind?

By on Jan 01, 2012

The first thing in all progress is to leave something behind. – George MacDonald

A broken heart.”

A broken heart is one thing a friend wants to leave behind in 2011.

While the New Year gives us the opportunity to see life as a clean slate, there are some things we don’t want appearing on that slate again. Different from making a resolution, identifying what we want to leave behind gives us the chance to consider something that is no longer serving a purpose; doesn’t bring value or is no longer working for us.

It is something that may be keeping us from finding the happiness, peace and love we deserve.

Identifying what we want to leave behind isn’t about ignoring a difficult circumstance; it’s about acknowledging our reality and then deciding to do something about it.

A list of one things

Recently I asked The BridgeMaker community on Facebook this question:

Share your heart! What one thing do you want to leave behind this year?

Here are some of their responses:
Ashely, “Negativity.”
Tammie, “Drama!!!”
Kimberly, “Fear. I want to take more risks.”
Beth, “All my insecurities.”
Jennifer, “Very terrifying medical condition.”
Donna, “Trying to fix everyone.”
Lisa, “Settling for less.”
Sue, “I think it is past failures that haunt us…MOVE FORWARD….BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!”

The one thing I will leave behind


I will leave excuses behind. No more excuses about why I can’t find the time to write my book, eat healthier or ask for what I want.

Lately I’ve felt impatience, bitterness and faithlessness creep back into my life. I have leaned on the excuse that I’m weary from the emotions experienced after my brother’s death, but that’s not who I am; that’s not who God has made me to be.

Some may think it’s a cliché to believe we are made with a divine purpose in mind, but I believe that to be true; and I believe all that I am is who God says I am. So, as a new year begins I will get back to believing, again, in who I am – no excuses needed. Kindness, love and faith will be painted on my clean slate this year.

I will leave excuses behind in 2011 and reconnect with the beautiful truth about me in the New Year.

My hope is you will do the same.

Share your heart?

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  • Vuyi2all

    Around 9 months b4 the 10th Dec 1959 I beat 100 000 sperms to be where I am today. I won the 1st race of my life. Today, I cannot say I do not know what to do… I’LL GO OUTA WINNER, leaving behind all the hurdles that straddles the path to my goal: CREATING JOY!

  • Great and honest post, Alex. Heartfelt. And I see myself in it. I have too many excuses for things, though I like to believe I’m choosing to learn from it more. Still, writing a book is not an easy task and it does take time most people generally don’t have. That’s when you begin to ask a new set of questions on how to make that kind of time. Which, I’m confident you’re on your way to doing.

    For me, I’m leaving behind Impatience. For all my big talk on finding time, I’m often very impatient (especially at home). This kind of behavior has to become unacceptable from myself. Thanks for the kick in the pants. I needed it.

  • Yep and action kills fear..

    By acting overtime.., fears will disappear..