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What Mothers Really Want

By on May 05, 2011

God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers. – Jewish Proverb

Article written by guest contributor Alisa Bowman.

Yesterday, at soccer practice, I told a little girl, “So you are going to wake up on Sunday and worship your mommy all day long, right?”

She looked at me as if I’d just suggested she give away all of her toys to needy children. A few mothers standing nearby started to laugh, saying, “Don’t we wish!”

In the days leading up to Mother’s Day, lots of husbands and children are running around in search of the perfect gift. Yet, I’m somewhat certain that most mothers don’t necessarily care about material items that are wrapped in fancy paper.

Don’t get me wrong. Mothers are not AGAINST a new shirt, a piece of jewelry or something else. But what they really want isn’t always found in a store:

1. To sleep in.
2. Not to cook on Sunday.
3. To ask various household members to do various tasks and to not hear any whining or lip in return.
4. To finally have that un-done chore on Daddy’s “Honey Do” list to get done. (In my house, that would mean that the light bulb in the living room finally gets replaced).
5. To be listened to.
6. To be told she’s beautiful.
7. To have her adult children call her because they miss her and not because they feel obligated.
8. To wake up to a clean house that she did not clean.
9. For someone else to wash the stinky dog.
10. For groceries to magically appear in the refrigerator.
11. To open that closet that is packed from floor to ceiling and find that someone has organized it and gotten rid of all of the junk.
12. For her children to clean their rooms without her asking them to do it.
13. To go to bed at night on a set of clean sheets that she did not wash, fold, or put on the bed.
14. To hear why she’s loved.
15. To be complimented.
16. To read a love letter from her spouse.
17. To read a letter from her children telling her why she’s a great mother.
18. To be appreciated for what she does.
19. To be understood.

Translation: she wants to be worshiped all day long. No matter how tight your budget, you can pull that off.

Alisa Bowman is the author of Project: Happily Ever After, the story of how she saved her marriage. She’s also the creator of ProjectHappilyEverAfter.com.

  • anon

    Except my mum’s closets (and any other available space) are full of junk which we’re forever trying to throw out but she’d kill us if we did, esp on Mother’s Day. But you’re right about the worshipping thing. She so wants to be worshipped.

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  • jamila

    Thank you, this article he enjoyd i think evry body because ,evry mothers che want love and respect essentiel for her mind and life.Happy mather for all mather in the world.

  • Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s here visiting this blog. Hope you get the rest you deserve today.