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What Makes Love Last

By on Nov 27, 2012

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. – Aristotle

After a particularly hard day, Mary Beth turned down the world’s noise to give me a chance to talk about what was bothering me. She sensed I was hurting and then provided the care needed.

Love is like that. One partner in tuned with the other no matter how loud the world gets.

There’s no secret to lasting love

My marriage isn’t textbook, but it is built to last. Mary Beth and I have notched 28 years together and we don’t see the streak ending anytime soon. We move through the days, months and years as if we will be together always – sharing a life, sharing a love.

Our 28 years have taught me a few things about love, like: what makes love last isn’t revealed in a secret; it’s revealed in hard work, commitment and passion. What makes love last isn’t shrouded in mystery; it is intentional, deliberate and wanted.

To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now. – Fred Rogers

I don’t know how to love your partner, but I do know how to love Mary Beth and she knows how to love me. And somewhere mixed in with that knowledge are two hearts that beat to the same rhythm. So, here’s our rhythm – our music for making love last. You are welcome to sing along:

  • What makes love last is having the courage to look into your partner’s dark, secret places without blinking.
  • What makes love last is helping each other with the mundane; not because it’s expected, but because it’s natural.
  • What makes love last is seeing the faults in your partner as a reminder of their beautiful human dignity.
  • What makes love last is sharing a sweet kiss every day.
  • What makes love last isn’t about avoiding conflict; it’s about finding the way to win-win.
  • What makes love last is giving grace when requested and forgiveness when needed.
  • What makes love last is remaining faithful when the world the tempts you.
  • What makes love last is cherishing the small things.
  • What makes love last is investing heartfelt emotion during the most intimate moment.
  • What makes love last is taking advantage of the opportunity to express your love by emptying your heart and then watching as your partner fills it back up again.
  • What makes love last is willing to give it all away, but holding on to love until the end.

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  • pushkar

    Wish I could love so selflessly…