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What Love Looks Like

By on Nov 02, 2014

the love of a family

One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love. – Sophocles

There seems to be a competition lately – a competition between what can drag our hearts down into the darkness the fastest.

What will win?

Will it be Ebola or ISIS? Will it be the deadly natural disasters or school shootings? Will it be the escalating cyber war or suicide car bombings?

Sometimes there’s so much pain bleeding through the world that we have no choice but to turn away, close our eyes and hope things will get better. This is when we have to brush off our faith and change our focus to see that love still does exist.

I believe no matter how dark the world gets, love will win. It will find a way to wipe away the ugliness. It will stand taller, be stronger, and live longer than the evilness competing with it. Love will save the world.

You can help by never forgetting what love looks like and then telling everyone you know of love’s amazing power to heal. If you are like me and need a reminder from time to time, here’s what will bring our hearts back into the light. Here’s what will win.

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  • Catherine

    Alex that was LOVE-LY! :0) Thank you for the heartwarming visual reminders, it’s nice to fill my eyes with sights of humans at their best!!

    • You are ,most welcome Catherine – and thank you for reading and for your encouragement,too!

  • Sandra Pawula

    This is beautiful, Alex. We don’t have control over the externals, but we do have control over our heart. I vote for love too!

    • I’m happy it touched you too, Sandra! Here’s to love and it’s amazing power.

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