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What Holds You Together?

By on Apr 29, 2010

Faith isn’t faith until it’s all you’re holding on to. – Unknown

Some days are a little harder than others. On these days, it seems like bad news is the only news and it feels like everything we touch turns out poorly. Some days our souls become restless, and we can’t put our finger on the reason why.

But somehow we make it through. We dig down and uncover a little hope and some faith, too. It’s good to know that even when we are facing the most difficult days, we find a way to hold it together and live to fight another day.

After all, faith’s promise reminds us we can always see a little light even on the darkest day.

What holds me together

I pray my faith will remain strong and keep pointing me to the light. But when I’m facing challenging times, these are the things that hold me together when I feel like I’m falling apart…

  1. believing God gives His strength to me. I know whatever happens; happens for a reason and according to a plan He has created just for me. During my weakest moments, I ask God to keep me together. He has never ignored me – not even once.
  2. looking into the eyes of my children and seeing love looking back at me.
  3. feeling my wife’s gentle touch and allowing it to tell me I will never be alone and I will always be loved.
  4. knowing there is art in me; and it is beautiful.
  5. telling myself everything will be alright.
  6. hearing a song and believing it was written just for me.
  7. tracing my life every other Wednesday to a place where I never have to live again.
  8. remembering it’s never too late to start over.
  9. pushing my garbage out of the way to hear the truth – a truth that tells me I am enough because God says I am enough.
  10. understanding batting slumps don’t last forever.
  11. enjoying an after-dinner bowl of ice cream.
  12. writing these words across my heart: I am a secure, confident, self-loving man.
  13. smelling rain and welcoming the mercifulness that is beginning to fall inside of me.
  14. saving some Grace for myself.
  15. watching the sunrise and knowing Life, our guest, is on its way.
  16. keeping my eyes wide open to what He is going to do next.
  17. saying, “I love you,” to the little boy who needs my love the most right now.
  18. seeing what’s good in me.
  19. smiling, laughing, and not taking myself too seriously.
  20. appreciating the good times and not over thinking the bad.
  21. listening to my inner voice and doing what it’s telling me to do.
  22. looking to the western sky and not fearing the night.
  23. remembering everyone deserves a second chance.
  24. allowing good things to happen.
  25. acknowledging what’s true; what’s a lie; and what needs to be changed.
  26. dreaming anything I want.
  27. needing little and wanting exactly what I have.
  28. holding on to the promise that the point of being human is to love.
  29. learning to erase the voice that tells me I will never win.
  30. realizing my heart’s true desire is happiness.

What holds you together?

Consider sharing what holds you together in Comments below.

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  • It holds me together the desire I have to change, to be happy but mostly to give a live full of happiness to my beloved one. It holds me together the faith I have in God, and that he is showing us that our love deserves a second chance. It holds me together that deep in our souls we know that we are going to have a lifetime of love and happiness. It holds me together all the feelings I have for my lovely boyfriend. He is the one who holds me together! Love u mor!

  • Danielle

    Dear Alex,
    I have been reading some of your marvellous posts and I will say indeed that they are blessed gifts in my life..
    Reading those divine and true words give a real boost up what I believe about life..
    Who we are…as I love saying and writing..we are Love Beings…that’s what we are here for…to give and receive LOVE
    Yes, sometimes it’s not always clear pink, but yes faith, hope and love keep me together…
    Oh just thank you deep from my heart, to inspire and empower who I am and also all those reading those blessed words…
    Pure Love Energy to all

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