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What Do You Really Want for Christmas?

By on Dec 04, 2011

May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through. – Author Unknown

Black Friday was a blockbuster. Sales were up 6.6% in a record shopping day. When the day was over, shoppers spent 11.4 billion dollars; the best Black Friday ever.

Cyber Monday also set records. Sales were up 22% compared to a year ago, and people are still clicking.

While these sales records could be a sign the economy is recovering, it’s also a sign the Christmas Spirit is alive and well. No matter how tight our budgets, we try to find a way to find the right gifts (and at the right prices) to light up the faces of friends and family on Christmas morning.

The Christmas Spirit reminds us the joy of giving is more important than any gift we’ll ever receive. After all, I think what we really want isn’t always found in a department store or online. What we really want comes from a place that doesn’t accept credit cards at all.

I posed the following question to The BridgeMaker Facebook community: What do you really want for Christmas? By putting the word really in the question, I had the sense people wouldn’t answer with items from their Amazon Wish List, but from a Wish List a little closer to their hearts.

My sense was correct.

Here are some of their answers:
Keamo | Peace of mind and a new home.
Irma | Love.
Racheal | My family back together and my marriage repaired.
Beth | A resurrection of personal responsibility and the ability to give and receive love.
Marianne | My haters find happiness.
Becky | To be free.
Susan | For my husband to get healthy
Dennis | Happiness, content and a healthy family.
Karen | Good health for my family and friends, and of course peace and simplicity.

What I really want for Christmas

I can’t think of one gift I want this year. I’m blessed to have a warm house, food in the pantry and money left over after the bills are paid. Most of all, I’m blessed to have the love and support of my family, especially after a tough year.

So, when asked what I want for Christmas; what I really want this year, I’m looking beyond what I see in the Sunday newspaper ads or the deals posted on cybermonday.com. I’m looking to a place a little closer to my heart, too:

– I want my children to prosper and create lives filled with passion.
– I want Mary Beth to see my smile every day.
– I want my faith to stay strong.
– I want my brother’s soul to rest.
– I want Brandon to make the right decision.
– I want to find the words, and inspiration, to finish my book.
– I want to find common ground with my father.
– I want Caitlin to be accepted into graduate school.
– I want my sister to feel my love – always.
– I want my self confidence to grow a little more.
– I want Andrew’s injury to heal.
– I want the physical size of my heart to stay right where it is.
– I want Emily to appreciate what she has.
– I want my wife to be happy, safe and free to do what her heart is leading her to do.
– I want to find peace with my critics.
– I want to soak up the joy of each day.

What do you really want for Christmas?

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  • An intelligent answer – no BS – which makes a palseant change

  • jordi

    I really think we need few material things, but this, in a consumerist world it is difficult. Maybe love is all it takes.

  • CONFESSION – Some love and romance in my life for the rest of my life. Been on my own for too long and love never seems to stay. People say it will happen one day or you are a nice guy don’t worry someone will snap you up but they’ve been saying that for a decade, YES a decade. Don’t know what I’m missing in me, but I’m missing someone in my arms. One day is becoming a very long time. I’m fed up sitting down all the time when the last dance at a wedding or party comes on. Wishing everyone a Christmas when their dreams come true.

  • Raquel

    I want to love and be loved. I want my child to feel free to be himself instead of trying to please me or please his dad. I want his heart to heal from the divorce and I would like us to have a new outlook on our family. Even 2 people are a family.