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What Can Love Do?

By on Feb 13, 2011

To the world you may be just one person, but to one person, you may be the world – Brandi Snyder

Valentine’s Day is almost here. When it arrives, lovers will welcome the day with a kiss. Valentine cards will be opened, flowers will be delivered and dinners will be enjoyed with sweet anticipation as lovers consider what will happen next.

Recommitments will be whispered; reconnections will be passionate and love will be celebrated.

And if the heart of each lover is hungry to give, the day will be a feast.

This is what love can do.

An everyday Valentine

Mary Beth and I made dinner reservations at one of the trendiest restaurants. But instead of dinning on Valentine’s Day, we enjoyed the meal a few nights ago. Getting a reservation on Valentine’s Day was impossible; but with 26 Valentine’s Days behind us, we were just fine celebrating as we did.

While romance is still alive in our marriage; the most important thing to us is realizing what love can do every day.

We have seen love take two young people and guide them safely to mid life.

We have seen love offer hope and provide forgiveness. We have seen love create four beautiful children.

We have seen love make a home. And no matter where the house may be; it will always be a place of love for six people who are a family.

This is what love can do.

That’s why it didn’t matter what night Mary Beth and I made the dinner reservation because we would celebrate with the same passion; Valentine’s Day, or not.

This is what love can do.

One last moment

While it’s not practical to think everyday can be like Valentine’s Day, enjoy the magic of the day anyway.

On this Valentine’s Day delight in opening the cards, receiving the flowers and experiencing a dinner just for two. Lose yourself in your partner and enjoy each touch, smell and taste.

Allow love to fill your heart all the way to the top. But before falling to sleep, take one last moment and think about everything love can do on the other days, too.

Afterward, close your eyes. Hear her breathing. Lay your hand on his heart. Touch the face that smiles at you. Celebrate the feast just enjoyed and ready yourself for another.

This is what love can do.

More love

I have written about my marriage, and love for Mary Beth often. She is my foundation, my rock. My wife reminds me of my confidence on the days I’m not feeling confident; Mary Beth encourages me to be anything I want; and she is my biggest fan.

Fortunately we don’t have a perfect marriage because if we did we might stop working on it. Instead, it’s something we nurture every day. Because we do, we are able to see what love can do anytime we take the time to look.

I took the time to look when I wrote these articles. And I wrote these articles because I believe in the gift love offers everyday:

The distinct smells in a hospital are always sobering. The smells remind me of the thin line between what we have each day and what can be taken away the next in the blink of an eye.

Rain fell 25 years ago when I married Mary Beth. It may seem like another day, but living underneath the ordinary is an extraordinary love that continues to fall; a love as graceful as rain.

The moment when love arrives is as close as we will ever get to experiencing pure love. Holding onto this memory is a good reminder on the days when we forget about love’s beautiful grace.

Mary Beth is an amazing mother and the bond with her children will last forever. It is this gift we will celebrate on Sunday. And when Nature sees to it that the bond continues from at least one mother to her child then redemption is provided for all.


Thank you Jasmine Lamb for inviting me to participate in the Love Sparks Reader Festival. Please visit this festival to read more about the amazing power of love from more than 30 bloggers.

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  • Denice, thanks for sharing the telephone call with your husband and the 50 years your parents have shared.

    Love does take effort and it doesn’t come easy. But when both partners commit to work hard, love becomes simply amazing.

  • Denice

    Hi, This was so nice to read. I just called my husband for a ‘nice’ love chat (he is working away from home), and as many times before got the next brush=off. I know that many relationships do not work the way it needs too, but I have seen and experienced the most beautiful ‘togetherness’ of more that 50 years with my parents, and I KNOW that it exist. Cherish it, it is the most precious thing you will ever have! And MAIR – chin up!

  • Forgiveness – that is a way to love Dia. Thanks for the reminder.

    Adrienne, I meant every word, too. I appreciate you dropping by today.

    It’s the most important thing Marcus.

    Rob, as do you, too, my friend.

  • Wonderful sharing, Alex. Love is an absolute willingness to give to others, to the world, to life itself … with no thought of receiving in return. Indeed we can practice Valentines Day everyday when we view love rightly. You seem to exemplify this in your own life.