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Waking to the Whispers

By on Mar 13, 2013

Waking to the Whispers

Hero’s aren’t born, they’re cornered. – Mickey Rooney

When I first read the Mickey Rooney quote (above) it resonated strongly with me.

I had a job where I had crap being thrown at me and I was implementing a behavior plan which involved me telling my student to, “Hit me harder, and hit me again.”

That is what it took for me to leave that job and take the leap to becoming an Aliveness Coach.

The Pain of Not Listening

If I’m honest with myself, I knew that job was not for me when I took it. It was more than not wanting the job, it was accepting what I knew was not right for my path.

The truth is I didn’t listen to the small voice calling me to believe in the right and perfect job for myself.

Have you noticed yourself needing to be cornered before taking action? Have you neglected self-care until you were laid up for days, sick and in bed?

Can you see that there were signs before you experienced the pain of being cornered?

Each of us has a small voice calling us to wake up and be the very best versions of ourselves. When we avoid those small whispers, they become louder.

If we ignore that voice long enough, we experience the pain of not listening.

I used to subscribe to the belief that I had to be cornered before making a decision to change my situation. I now take the time to tune into the whispers and avoid the pain.

Waking to the Whispers

Here are nine ways to support you with waking to the whispers – calling you to be the very best version of yourself:

  1. Pray
    Spend time connecting with a higher source, asking for guidance, asking for support, a message or greater clarity of the situation you are experiencing.
  2. Meditate
    Be still. Turn off the chatter of the outside world. Close your computer, turn off your phone and your television. Be still and tune in to the quiet. Notice any resistance and allow yourself to be present with the moment, without judgment. Be observer. Start off with giving yourself 2 minutes. Set a timer and let your mind wander. Add minutes as you feel inspired to do so.
  3. Exercise
    Move your body. Go for a walk, run, swim, and bike. Elevate your heart rate. When your heart rate is elevated, it affects the rest of the organs in your body. Exercise also releases natural adrenaline that activates the amygdala or “fight or flight” portion of our brains. With the amygdala triggered, we are able to focus with greater clarity and an ability to make healthier decisions.
  4. Dance
    Dance is not only a form of exercise; it also supports the use of the right brain which is associated with intuition and connection to our Spiritual selves.
  5. Write
    Spend 5-10 minutes writing your thoughts out. Take the time to write your thoughts by hand, activating both the left and right hemispheres of the brain and further connecting with your intuition. Write without stopping. Be witness to your process, free of judgment. It is in this clear space that awareness is created. It is through this awareness that you can recognize where you may be acting unconsciously.
  6. Journal
    Write about what you experience throughout your week and your day. This is a space to again create clarity and new awareness. It is in this process where you can uncover blind spots, limiting beliefs and notice where self-doubt is operating. When we uncover these limiting thoughts, we can then make conscious choices about how to create changes.
  7. Create a Gratitude List
    Dr. Christine Carter, studying happiness with the Greater Good Institute in Berkley, California, states that gratitude is synonymous with happiness. The naturally way to create gratitude is either through deprivation or through a regular gratitude practice. Let’s face it; if we are able to be reading this article, we are most likely NOT experiencing serious deprivation. With a shortage of deprivation, it is important for us to make gratitude a daily practice. As we express gratitude, we connect with and create a sense of joy.
  8. Create a spiritual practice
    Give yourself a daily ritual that supports you to connect with your breath, intuition and the gentle whispers that are calling you to live your best life. Practice breathing exercises, yoga or something similar. The intention is always to quiet the outside chatter and tune into the wisdom residing within you.
  9. Read daily passage from a religious or spiritual book
    Daily reading will support you to shift from the old paradigm and create opportunities for a fresh outlook. There are Universal Spiritual laws at work and when you open your heart and your mind to them, you also open yourself up to the endless possibilities that await you today and beyond.

Whatever you choose, make a point to create a regular practice.

Setting aside time to align and tune into your stillness will produce drastic and transformative changes.

Results may include greater clarity, clear focus, greater ease and increased motivation. What best supports you with your walk to your wisdom?

Star Staubach is a Radio Show Host with Watch Me Grow Radio and Aliveness Coach & founder of Stellar Evolution Coaching. Star lives with passion, purpose and an awareness of the truth that there are no failings, but instead opportunities to step up to the next level! Star is passionate about supporting her listeners and clients to wake to the whispers that are calling each of us to be the best versions of ourselves. Find Star on Facebook at Stellar Evolution Coaching and on Twitter at @StellarCoach. © Star M. Staubach 2013

  • Elle

    Your message totally resonates with me on so many different levels Alex. Especially your daily reading. We are so immersed in the noise of the world, most of which is about discontent and what’s wrong that it’s imperative, and I don’t use the word lightly, that we immerse ourselves in much higher vibrational ideas and concepts. Whatever they happen to be for each individual soul.

    At the end of each day, we get to experience more of who we are, and we’re an accumulation of all those ideas we’ve accepted into our life.

    Love Elle


    • Star Staubach

      Thank you for sharing, Elle! Imagine if the youth of our world would be taught to be still and listen. They have so much chatter filling their minds about what they SHOULD be doing, where they SHOULD be going, etc. When we have the space to clear the external chatter, we clear space to hear the small voice calling us to brilliance! xoxo

  • Joan Harrison

    We busy ourselves so much and forget to listen. To me it is the most important sense. To listen and to be heard.

    You are so right all the time we are receiving messages. There is a knock at our door. It is up to us to open the door wide and let the messenger in! Great post really enjoyed reading and listening to the message.

    • Star Staubach

      Thank you for sharing, Joan! Isn’t it AMAZING to look back and see the signs we didn’t listen to? They were there the entire time! I’m grateful to be in this space of tuning into the whispers, before they elevate. AND, I am equally as grateful for the moments of crap being thrown at me. At that time, that is what I needed to be able to attend to what was calling me. Listening is always a much more enjoyable space to be in!

  • Star,

    This is a wonderful post. I like the phrase, “…calling you to be the very best version of yourself.” That’s just awesome. You’re absolutely right — sometimes we keep pushing and pushing and we don’t realize we’re not “listening” until we pay the price. Great message, and a great reminder. Thank you! 🙂

    • Star Staubach

      Thanks for sharing, Victor! I loving know that it resonates with others. YES! Keep on listening! It is always much easier, lighter and joyful to listen!

  • Oh, yes, I am one who did not listen. I ended up in the emergency room before I paid attention to the voices that had been not just whispering but shouting at me. Your advice is so important. How many times have I urged others to listen better than I did?!

    • Star Staubach

      Galen, isn’t it amazing to look back and recognize that voice was there all along. Isn’t that a beautiful thing? The guidance we seek is there with us at all times, it is our job to quiet the chatter enough to hear the message. Thanks for sharing and I’m SO thrilled that you’re listening! Here’s to YOU waking to a better version of yourself ever day!

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