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The Zeros and the Ones

By on Oct 05, 2015

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Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. – George Bernard Shaw

You can thank a bunch of zeros and ones for giving you the opportunity to read this webpage, or to read anything online. Known as binary code, zeros and ones make up the base code that represents digital data.

With just two states in a computer’s electrical circuit, the zeros and the ones play an important role. Zeros represent off or false and Ones represent on or true. When these two binary values are combined together, the result is a specific pattern, which displays as the text and images you see.

Following a Pattern

If you were to peak over a computer programmer’s shoulder, the binary code that represents the word, “hello,” looks like this: 01101000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111.

Just a bunch of zeros and ones, right?

Even though some are true and some are false, each number contributes to the pattern’s meaning – a truth that is absolute. These zeros and ones, and in this order, can only represent the word, “hello.”

It’s like that in our non-cyber lives, too.

Your life follows a pattern created by the zeros and ones that have been put down. There are some things that are false in your life while some things are true. But when put together, your zeros and ones represent what you believe, who you are and the life you have created.

Some of my zeros include:
– Thinking I was damaged goods because of my speech impediment
– Seeing my mother choose cigarettes and booze over me
– Feeling I wasn’t worthy, valued or enough

And here are some of my ones:
– Being forgiven and forgiving others
– Receiving my children’s love
– Creating a blessed life with Mary Beth for more than 30 years

These zeros and ones are my base code. These are the things – whether they are true or false – which have programmed my heart and when put together, have created my truths:

  • feeling unworthy + accepting real love = healing is always possible
  • being bullied and taunted + letting go of the pain = confidence can be restored
  • growing up second choice + being a good dad = courage is needed to overcome the past
Writing New Code

For every false truth you have experienced, there is a corresponding true thing for you. This is your base code. And you’re always writing new code.

You can write more ones – more good things so when the inevitable zeros are entered into your code; zeros like disappointment, financial challenges, or health concerns, the pattern can still represent something meaningful, and something always true for you.

It would be good if zeros weren’t part of our binary code. But part of the condition for being alive is accepting life can never be worry free.

So, it’s up to you, and it’s to me, to take the zeros and ones we have been given and put them together in way that represents the greatest truths about ourselves.

When we do, they reveal not a perfect life, but a life worth living and sharing.

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