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The Trigger Positive Program (Interview and Giveaway)

By on Aug 11, 2012

Everyone is invited to be a positive presence in the world. – Joe Wilner

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Never underestimate the power of positive thinking.

In Joe Wilner’s new course, Trigger Positive, he reminds us the power of positive thinking isn’t just a tired cliché; it’s a way to improve our emotional well-being. And by improving our emotional well-being we can reduce anxiety and find more peace in our lives.

Trigger Positive is inspired from Joe’s personal journey. Once skeptical about the ability to live an abundant life, Joe Wilner made the decision to shift his thinking from being negative and to being more hopeful – more positive. After making the shift, his life changed for the better. Joe discovered exciting opportunities, felt motivated to pursue his goals and became happier.

I’m happy to share a closer look into Joe’s journey and the positive wisdom found in Trigger Positive and also offer two free copies of his course (be sure to read the Giveaway details below).

The Interview

1. Your new program Trigger Positive is motivating and life-changing. It even promises to start a revolution. Why do you think we need a revolution right now and who is invited to join?

Alex, thanks so much for the opportunity to interact with the amazing community here at The BridgeMaker.

I refer to my “personal Trigger Positive revolution” in the book. I call it a revolution because I really connect to the powerful connotation of change the word revolution exudes. I want people to connect with the excitement and energy of their personal change as a revolution and recognize that they are able to transform the world around them for the better.

I will spare the details of the countless dilemmas that society faces today, but I believe many people (including myself) are in need of a major shift in priorities, values, and lifestyle.

A revolution comes when we can influence other people in our life in a positive manner. This revolution can occur within a family, workplace, or community in general. However we need to first transform ourselves before we can impact those around us. In short, everyone is invited to be a positive presence in the world.

2. What does the Trigger Positive program include?

The Trigger Positive Program gives you a clear process to enhance your emotional and social well-being. This comes from enhancing positive emotions like joy, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, hope, and courage to name a few.

It also involves uncovering your purpose and life mission and giving back to others through this purpose. The program includes worksheets, activities, and guided practices to apply in your life, relationships, work, and community. Specifically the program includes:

  • 145 page PDF workbook containing 16 separate exercises.
  • 16 Proven strategies to enhance your happiness.
  • 5 Guided meditations to facilitate greater emotional well-being.
  • A 3 hour 30 minute audio program walking you through exercises and meditations.

The program also includes great bonus products from these top bloggers:

3. Through your personal transformation, and journey, you share that you have discovered certain secrets about finding well-being and happiness. What one secret has been the most significant for you?

These keys to happiness are no longer secrets and have been presented in many books, programs, and research over the past decade.

With a background in psychology I was fortunate enough to learn about them, study them, and then utilize them in my own life. I think the biggest shift I made was becoming more optimistic and courageous.

I used to be cynical, skeptical, and pessimistic. I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I tended to focus on negative outcomes and never believed that great things could happen. I also played it safe and took the practical route in life. This limited my ambitions and willingness to express my gifts and talents.

Once I made a shift to more affirmative beliefs and made it point to expand my comfort zone, my life trajectory began to change for the better.

4. How is your program different from the thousands of other self-help programs on the market?

I believe the main difference is that this content was developed from my own experience and personal desire to be happier.

I actually explored this material for my own well-being and decided that it could be easily provided to others to help them in the same regard. The research and development didn’t start from a need in the market in order to sell a product, but from my own need to better my life and live with greater happiness.

It worked so well for me that I wanted to share it with others. Many of the interventions have been shown empirically to enhance well-being and they are really easy to use if someone is willing to make the effort.

5. You state in Trigger Positive that the starting point to change is our emotional intelligence. What is emotional intelligence and why it is important to living a life of purpose?

A major aspect of the program is to enhance positive emotions. This is because a major factor in experiencing greater well-being is having more positive emotions and less negative emotions.

Specifically, some research has shown that a 3:1 ratio of positive to negative emotions will lead us to flourish and thrive. This ratio has been connected to optimal well-being, happy marriages, and successful business teams.

Thus, emotional intelligence (EI) is the starting place to help us manage negative emotions and cultivate more positive emotions. There are many models of EI but essentially it is the capability to recognize, label, and manage our emotions within ourselves and our relationships.

When we have emotional awareness we can deal more effectively with negative states of mind such as anger, anxiety, or stress. We can prevent these emotions from causing us unnecessary harm by dealing with them, and can begin to marshal more positive emotions so we can maintain motivation and a positive attitude.

Being able to identify and manage our emotions has benefits for our personal well-being but also for our work productivity and relationship satisfaction.

6. Complete the prompts below.

I know that I will be learning and growing for the rest of my life.
This week, I want to do something creative, inspiring, and meaningful.
This month, I want to deepen and grow two important relationships in my life.
In this lifetime, I want to feel like I have come as close to reaching my potential as possible.
I don’t know what the future holds but I’m incredibly excited and optimistic about the possibilities.
I am a compassionate, courageous, and confident man. (One of my personal affirmations I tell myself)

7. Your program is filled with good advice. But for someone who completes Trigger Positive and says ‘what’s next?’ can you suggest in three sentences how they can begin living a happier, more purposeful life right now?

Make the exercises and happiness interventions a part of your daily life. Be willing to change the way you live.

Happiness isn’t a static experience but is an ongoing process, so keep learning and exploring what positive psychology research reveals and what helps you trigger positive. Here are a few resources:

8. What is the primary benefit you hope readers will take from Trigger Positive?

My hope and desire is that people feel a greater sense of control over their emotional well-being and that they recognize feeling happier is a daily practice. Furthermore I hope as people develop a greater sense of satisfaction and well-being in their personal life they will reach out to positively influence others and start a ripple effect of triggering positive.

The Giveaway

Two winners will be selected to receive the free course Trigger Positive by Joe Wilner.

To enter the giveaway, share one key to happiness you have learned. Please share your key to happiness in Comments below. (Reading by email? Just click here to visit the blog so you can leave a comment, too!)

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    Thank to everyone for your responses! There are many routes to happiness and I believe you have all touched on valuable aspects of what it takes to live with greater contentment and fulfillment. I appreciate everyone’s participation and will be in touch with two of you today regarding the complimentary program. Stay Positive!

  •  Happiness is when you follow your passion.