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The Professor of Positivity and Possibility

By on Jun 12, 2012

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. – Albert Einstein

Victor Schueller’s email shocked me.

Like many of you, I receive an insane number of emails. Few have the ability to shock me anymore; but Victor Schueller’s email shocked me.

Last November this subject line appeared, “What can I do to help?

I opened the email to read, “I would like to share your message with my followers, and I was wondering what I can do to get your message out there?”

My suspicious nature was on high alert. But after speaking with Victor, my doubt quickly turned into delight. Victor was sincere. He was focused on helping me and he was not expecting anything in return.

Over the last few months I’ve had the privilege to get to know Victor. He is a personal development coach, a public speaker and a radio show host. Just as important, Victor is a kind, giving and compassionate man who wants to leave the world a little better than how he found it – and with no strings attached.

Through this interview, it is my honor to share Victor Schueller with you. His refreshing honesty and goodness may shock you. But that’s Victor.

1. The title you use under your name is “Professor of Positivity and Possibility.” Please explain what that means and how someone would benefit from working with you.

The reason I call myself the Professor of Positivity and Possibility is because I believe that if we learn how to use our minds to tap into our full potential, we embody a mindset that promotes creativity and innovation.

When we embody a creative and innovative mindset, we are then at a place where we can examine the infinite possibilities that exist. When we arrive at this place of pure potentiality, we will also find that we have a much more positive outlook on our lives in general.

I feel that I have so much to do to make a positive impact on this world we live in. Children are being taught a belief system rooted in fear and scarcity. The result, unfortunately, frequently manifests itself through a host of negative behaviors, from bullying to selfishness to teasing to jealousy, just to name a few.

These children grow into adults who then in turn pass on this belief system to the next generation, and the cycle continues. These children also grow up to be ineffective leaders, or unfulfilled individuals who engage in the same types of behaviors they exhibited as children. The end result is that we have a world full of people dealing with adult bullies, and multitudes of people who simply lack empathy and respect for others.

My work is all about helping people change this. I help people vanquish their own mediocre mindset that they have been conditioned over a lifetime to accept as reality to arrive at their true, untapped greatness that lies within.

I help people discover the secrets that allow them to “unlock” that true potential they possess and discover their own personal greatness and the life they were destined to live. Whether it’s helping someone feel more fulfilled, or becoming a better parent, friend, co-worker, leader, or manager, I can help!

We already possess the potential within us to transcend mediocrity to achieve personal greatness; it’s just a matter of knowing what tools to use and how to use them, and that’s what I do.

2. Your bucket list is both impressive and sad. What is the one thing that has helped you overcome such adversity in your life?

If I had to pick one thing that helped me overcome adversity the most, it would be the discovery that I was accountable for choosing how I respond to what happens to me.

While I can’t always control the events in my life, I always have the choice in how I respond. After going through a devastating life event, I allowed myself for years to believe that I was destined to be a victim of the circumstances I found myself in — it was a convenient excuse to shirk personal responsibility.

I found myself convinced that I was living my life the way I was because that’s just how things are — that’s just how life plays out, and my destiny will play out just the same it has for other people I had come to know.

I accepted a fear and scarcity-based belief system as fact, when it wasn’t indeed fact. It wasn’t until I discovered that I was choosing to let one moment in time determine how the rest of my life was going to play out that I was able to turn things around. Once I stopped justifying my mediocre mindset by playing the role of the victim, I was able to completely turn my life around for good. Once I realized that I could determine whatever future I chose, it was a game changer. Accountability for my choices was the one thing that helped me overcome adversity the most.

3. Twice you have interviewed me on your weekly radio show (thank you), please tell us more about your show: When is your show aired and where can it be heard, what types of guests do you feature and what are the benefits for listening?

Alex, it was a pleasure having you on the show! For those who aren’t familiar with my show, it is called Positively Empowered Radio, and it airs every Monday at 12 p.m. Central.

The objective of the show is to provide listeners with valuable information that allows them to live a better life. In other words, it’s about providing listeners with some new tools or strategies so that they can live a better life tomorrow than today, and the guests featured on the show are people who can help fulfill that expectation.

The show is an online radio show, so it can be accessed online several different ways. It can be accessed through my website at:, or through the Blog Talk Radio Site directly at: If anyone is into listening to podcasts, you can also find out about getting my podcasts on my radio show page.

4. Your blog provides more personal content about you than you radio show. Please share your blog’s goals and the primary themes found there.

You’re absolutely right about that. My blog is much more personal than my radio show. My show revolves around my guests and what they have to share, while my blog is aimed at accomplishing my personal mission to help people vanquish their own mediocre minds.

The blog features content that focuses on accomplishing that objective. Many times my posts revolve around my personal stories or observations, and one of the many things I love to do on the site is share interesting information about the latest research and discoveries about the brain and the mind, like a “current events,” if you will, when it comes to that area of research and science.

Ultimately, goal of my blog is to build awareness of how powerful our mind’s belief systems are, and how we can become essentially trapped in adopting belief systems that hold us back or limit our potential. My goal is to build awareness of this so that people can break through these mediocre and limiting beliefs to reach new levels of performing, functioning, and living.

5. Which blog post is your favorite and why?

My favorite post is actually a super long one that I divided into two posts, titled, Life Lessons I Hope to Teach My Daughters – Part I and Part II. These posts really capture the essence of my life mission. It embodies what I would love to do for every parent and child in the world, which is to help them find the tools to raise some tremendous and well-adjusted children, who are empathic, non-judgmental, responsible, accountable, and respectable beings.

If everyone could become that…If everyone could really live that way, this world would be a much better place.

6. What is the best advice you have ever received?

Wow…That’s a tough question to answer…I guess it would be the simple advice of “Be yourself.” I have no idea who gave me that advice the first time, but I keep hearing it as I travel along this life journey, and the more I hear it, the more I am convinced that it’s the right advice for me.

7. In addition to your weekly radio show and blog, you also offer a professional speaker service. What topics do you speak about and who are your target audiences?

The topic I speak about is much the same as I had outlined above. I speak to audiences about recognizing their own personal limiting belief systems, vanquishing their own personal mediocrity, and realizing their true potential by changing the way people think and use their brains.

My message resounds well with the corporate and leadership market, as well as with educational institutions and parents. While those are my primary target audiences, I also love to coach people on an individual basis.

If someone wants to take their life to another level, whether it’s being a stronger leader, a better parent, a better student, a better friend, or just a better person overall, I am willing to do everything I can to help. My goal is to serve for the betterment all of mankind.

8.How can someone contact you?

The two best ways to contact me are by phone: 920-412-7347 and by email:

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  • Great name, Professor.  Yes, not buying into the mindset of mediocrity is super-key to having an amazing living and making those things we didn’t dare to dream before, come into reality…and much quicker than we think!