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The Power of a Kiss

By on Feb 22, 2015

power of a kiss

Kissing is like drinking salted water. You drink, and your thirst increases. – Chinese Proverb

The Kiss (above) was painted by Austrian painter Gustav Klimt in 1909. A print of Klimt’s masterpiece hangs in my house. It serves as a mirror by reflecting the urgency, passion and sweetness a kiss can have.

Even though I’m familiar with the painting, I’m no art expert. My tastes run from Thomas Kincaid’s Christmas Miracle to Van Gogh’s Starry Night. I like what I like. And like most people, certain art has the ability to grab my attention and speak to me.

So, when I catch a glimpse of The Kiss, my soul is reminded of how powerful a kiss can be.

Sensual (sometimes) and Heartfelt (always)

Gazing at the entangled couple symbolizes the power a kiss can have. In that moment, kissing and being kissed is the only thing that matters. At least, this is what the painting says to me.

The painting also whispers that a kiss can be amazing – magnificent – life changing. But unlike the man and woman depicted on Klimt’s canvas, the art tells me that not all kisses have to be sensual to be powerful – they just have to be heartfelt.

Consider the times you have been kissed or have kissed. Consider the power of each kiss. Kisses like…

– The kiss you get when you have been missed.
– The kiss you give when someone has done something amazing.

– The kiss you get when you’ve been kind.
– The kiss you give to show your thankfulness.

– The kiss that says, “Everything will be alright.”
– The kiss you give for no reason at all.

– The kiss that pronounces you are a great mom or dad.
– The kiss that reminds your daughter she is a gift.
– The kiss that reminds your son he is never alone.

– The kiss that lets you know that you’re being craved.
– The kiss that tells your partner desire is still there.

– The kiss that reveals your soul
– The kiss that lets you see someone else’s soul.

– The kiss that puts a stamp on love
– The kiss that puts two faces together so the beautiful imperfections can be loved deeper.

– The kiss that is stolen and then returned by the willing accomplice
– The kiss that feels like happiness

Creating Your Masterpiece

Who will you kiss today with heartfelt intention? Who will know how much they are loved by the power of your kiss?

– With the power of a kiss I will show Mary Beth that I am hers to hold forever.
– With the power of a kiss I will show Brandon how proud I am of the man he has become.
– With the power of a kiss I will show Caitlin how happy I am for her.
– With the power of a kiss I will show Andrew how pleased I am with the passion he has chosen.
– With the power of a kiss I will show Emily that she is simply amazing.

My family is my masterpiece. And like the brush strokes on a canvas, I will paint them with love, and the power of a kiss, every chance I get.

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  • I love the last few lines of this post.

    • Thanks so much for reading Lovelyn – I’m glad you enjoyed reading!

      • Moses

        Wow……!!!, the last line is a masterpiece itself. So touching.

  • Sandra Pawula

    There’s so much sweetness in your words, Alex. I also find this a very powerful painting.

    • Thanks Sandra – the painting is as wonderful as it is inspirational.

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