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The Noticer Returns (Behind the Scenes with Andy Andrews)

By on Sep 25, 2013

the noticer returns

It may take a long time to decide to change…but change happens in a heartbeat! – Andy Andrews

As the dad of a 14-year-old and an 11-year-old, the past 14 years of my life have been consumed with the question of how my wife and I can become the best parents we can be!

I’ve spent a ton of time over the years searching out people in my life who have created incredible families and raised kids who have become incredible adults.

In the process, I learned a lot and wanted to share what I learned. The Noticer Returns gives me this opportunity

A Dose of Perspective

The Noticer Returns is about a group of ordinary parents whose families and lives are changed by a mysterious old man named Jones. Jones calls himself a “Noticer”—someone with the ability to notice the little things about people and life that most people miss.

He uses that gift of noticing to give these parents an entirely new perspective on what raising children is all about.

Interestingly, Jones is based on a real person I met when I was a homeless 23-year-old living under a pier on Alabama’s Gulf Coast. His name was Jones (“Not Mr. Jones, just Jones,” he’d always say) and he really did call himself a Noticer.

He helped me change my life the same way he helps the characters in the book—by providing a dose of life-changing perspective.

Good Choices

This is a book for anyone who has children or grandchildren of any age. It’s for anyone who is determined to provide “the best” for their kids.

What do you see parents struggle with the most, and how can they overcome those struggles?

I think parents are focused so much on raising great kids that they forget that a great kid can grow up to be a not-so-great adult.

We’ve all seen the families that have incredible kids who suddenly go nuts the second they leave the house for college or adulthood, right? Well, this is the product of teaching children what to think instead of how to think. It’s the result of relying on a “because I said so” philosophy of parenting.

The book is all about how to pass down a specific thought process to your children so that, when you’re not around, they still have the ability to make good choices on their own—and actually understand what actually constitutes a good choice.

Life-Changing Principles

The book is told in form of a story.

I’ve found that when you take life-changing principles and weave them into a story with relatable characters, those principles tend to stick with readers long after the story ends.

It’s also a lot easier to convince people to read something if it will entertain them and keep them turning the pages!

But the biggest difference folks will find is an absence of theory. The principles revealed in The Noticer Returns are proven in the story beyond a reasonable doubt.

A Winning Culture

Our current culture can have as little or as much influence on a family as the parents choose. Most parents are concerned about the culture our kids are growing up in, but we often don’t realize that each family already has a culture of its own!

And our families either choose their culture or unknowingly become a part of a culture others have created.

For years, I’ve been hired as a speaker or consultant for teams and companies or organizations, and they all want the same thing—to create a winning culture. What most of them don’t realize is that—once again—they already have a culture.

That culture is not created by actions and decisions, as most people believe. A culture is created by the thinking that informs one’s actions and decisions.

This book reveals how to ensure that your culture—whether family, business, team, or city—is productive in every way.

The Power of Perspective

Producing perspective is Jones’ gift in the book. He takes seemingly unsolvable problems and situations that the other characters are encountering with their families and businesses, and shows them a way of looking at things that literally changes everything.

But the reason perspective is such a big asset in times of confusion is because perspective brings calm. Calm leads to clear thinking. Clear thinking yields new ideas. And from ideas, we get answers.

That’s what the book is all about—providing perspective that yields answers to the most difficult questions we face as adults in today’s world.

Andy Andrews is a New York Times best-selling author and speaker. His latest book, The Noticer Returns, gives parents the tools they need to raise children who will influence the next three generations. You can find his weekly blog and podcast at

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