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The Journey of You

By on Dec 17, 2011

It is better to travel well than to arrive. – Buddha

Travelling through Life is an interesting journey. We grab a bit here, a bit there and attempt to piece the puzzle (of Life) together.

We want to learn what Life is all about and then try to “fit in” to our learned version of what Life is all about.

In so doing, this ‘fitting in’ thing, the person that is “you” can get lost in the translation. Spending time on fitting in will create a sameness of character, of ideals of self worth.

Character assassination by stealth. You have joined the masses. Congratulations?

The power of choice

You can only be You and no one else.

However using the power of choice enables you to be either fully you (great) or only a shadow of you (mediocre) – these are the two choices you have.

So you can fit in, join the masses and coast through Life, which is in the realms of mediocrity or you can stand up and say “I am me” and I will live my Life that best suits me and to my full potential.

I will make my own choices, seek my own direction and be responsible for who I am.

That last statement took me many years to come to understand. I was with the masses, looking for external validation, looking to fit in to whatever with the latest fad, in a crowd or get the “things” that one just had to have because everyone else was (or at least in my latest in crowd).

A few years back I started to scratch the surface of the Personal Development field. I started reading books, listening to tapes (Anthony Robbins & Ken Blanchard mainly) and began getting the feel of being my own self, with my own attitudes, thoughts etc.

I started to expand my thinking and challenge myself firstly, and then I started to challenge my view of the “masses.”

Are you the captain of your own ship?

Do you have a course to steer?


Are you waiting for instructions to follow?

Questions will need to be asked

Life doesn’t come with an Instruction Manual. We all have to find our own path. We will stumble and fall, however, we have the choice to rise and continue. Forging our own course, our own path makes us more robust and the sense of achievement is outstanding. A journey that will continue and is well worth the effort!

Now that I have “mastered” the concept of Personal Development (hardly), I can get on with my journey. Hmmm, what else is there to discover? What should I do now? Are there any challenges left, mountains to climb?

I seem to have many questions…..are there any answers?

Questions along with Imagination are the spark to all learning, in my opinion. To continue one’s journey, questions will need to be asked. Life journeys are in stages. Each stage offers up a differing set of questions, so it seems.

The more questions one has, the greater the desire to learn, to improve one self. We cannot embark on journeys of any kind without knowing certain things; therefore the questions. You may remember the types of questions you asked when just a youngster and I’m sure that you had plenty of them.

These questions continued throughout our schooling years and into our adult lives. The answers shaped us. Then the questions changed, as did the people whom we asked did. Our parents were no longer the sole contributors of our answers.

Some re-shaping was occurring?

The art of imagination

Imagination was fertile in our younger years however the “art of imagination” seems to get lost thereafter. Why is this so? Do we just accept “what is” or should we question and explore “what if?”

Greater questioning of what there is on offer opens up new doors, fresh opportunities.

If you don’t ask then you don’t get” is a principle that I stand by. Having said that, I have since learned (on my journey) that one needs to be open to receiving, to “fully receive.”

Imagine the questions that one can ask? I’ve asked plenty and I have plenty more as my journey continues to unfold. If you are open to receiving from the Universe then can you imagine what will come to you – the mind boggles.

But no, many will continue on a path well worn not looking outwards or inwards, but staring straight down the tunnel in front of them, hoping there is some “gold” at the end. There’s a light there in the distance however it gets no closer.

They cannot imagine any other course to take, more is the pity.

However, you my friends are imaginers, you are journeymen and journeywomen, and you are explorers. This is your journey. To go and conquer all that there is requires the courage to question, the purpose to imagine and a vitality that cannot be suppressed

Journey on my friends and be good to yourselves.

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David Stevens is a guy from the land downunder still creating his ideal position in the world. Former Banker and Real Estate Sales agent and more recently Life Coach, David has a passion for helping people be the best that they can be. You can find his blog and associated media sites @

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  • Hi Ajen,
    Wonderful of you to call in. Imagining ‘what if’ starts the juices flowing…..just imagine the possibilities. Thank you for your kind words

    Hi Ken,
    Thank you, always go for great… the best you that you can be, don’t be afraid to stand out. Thanks for your great comments & congrats on your recent award.
    be good to yourselves

  • Hi Alex and David!

    This is an awesome line: “Using the power of choice enables you to be either fully you (great) or only a shadow of you (mediocre) – these are the two choices you have.”

    That’s the epic battle in life. Do we float to the middle of mediocrity, living out our lives choosing average, sorta good, okay? Or do we dig deep inside and make the hard choices that end up being the only choices worth making?

    Great article! Thanks for the insight and reminder to keep climbing and learning and growing!

  • Hi David- It seems as if there are many people out there who are “over-incorporators”: those who tend to incorporate other people’s ideas, dreams and beliefs into their lifestyle.

    The art of imagination, as you have highlighted, is a journey that we each can embark upon for the purpose of unlocking our inner creativity. I think blessings can manifest when one asks “what if”.

    Beautiful is this post.

    …abundance for you in 2012.