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The Intuition Principle: How to Attract the Life You Dream Of (Interview and Giveaway)

By on May 22, 2012

When we gain enough confidence by using our intuition successfully we become fearless. – Angela Artemis

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The nudge to choose one thing over another can feel convincing at times. Some call this feeling our inner wisdom; others call it a gut feeling. Angela Artemis simply calls it our intuition.

Angela, founder of Powered by Intuition, spent the first half of her life ignoring her intuition. Not trusting her intuition lead to an unfulfilling marriage; an uninspired career and poor investment decisions.

After Angela experienced a life-changing “aha” moment, she started to rely more on her inner wisdom and less on the decisions of others. By trusting her intuition, she found the happiness that had eluded her most of her life.

Angela Artemis has put these life experiences into one helpful book, The Intuition Principle. The book is a wonderful resource for finding your purpose, living with passion, and heightening your success. After reading The Intuition Principle, you will be inspired to:
– find the most joyous path for your life.
– establish healthy self-esteem.
– make wiser decisions.
– strengthen your faith.
– hold on to your power and never give it away again.

The Interview

What led you to write The Intuition Principle?
After years of struggle I finally realized that many problems in my life were the result of not following my intuition. I was not in touch with my intuition in my life. I never understood how “subtle” intuition was so I kept expecting this “booming external voice” which only led me to ignore the soft whispers of my intuition further.

Being out of touch with my intuition caused me to make important decisions for myself based on what others expected of me rather than upon what I truly wanted. I did this over and over. I went into the wrong career, married the wrong person and even lost money in the real estate market because I put more faith in the opinion of others rather than in trusting my own inner guidance. I was miserable until I made the decision to listen to my intuition for every single decision from that point forward.

The Intuition Principle is a handbook for others to avoid the making the same mistakes as I did, based on years of research I did on this topic initially to right my own life. When I made the decision to listen to my intuition 100 percent of the time, my life began to turn around! When I saw how my life had changed I wanted to share this information with others.

What is intuition?
Intuition is our own inner guidance. It is a small voice we hear often like a whisper that gently nudges us to make the right choices and decisions in our lives. It can tell us when we should be wary of a person and when we should act on an opportunity. It comes into our conscious awareness spontaneously and many times feels like an “aha” moment or a revelation.

What is, “the Intuition Principle?”
The Intuition Principle is a concept that within you exists an innate technology, your intuition, capable of both guiding you to and attracting to you the life and happiness you’ve always dreamed of.

By listening to your intuition you are guided to follow the right path in your life. The right path in life is the one you are most passionate about and excited about following. It is the path that best utilizes your gifts and abilities and feels effortless to you. Being on the right path leads to opportunities which open doors to your success. The joyous feeling you get from doing something that your soul craves is the mechanism that attracts more opportunity into your life along this path. The Intuition Principle is a guidebook for learning to navigate your life by intuition directly to the most joyous path for your life.

Why is it important for people develop to their intuition?
Intuition is your own inner guidance. When we look outside of ourselves for answers we give our power away. We defer to others instead of relying on our own innate wisdom. Over time this will quash your confidence and suppress your autonomy. Developing your intuition helps you establish healthy self-esteem.

When you know that there is no situation in life that you cannot handle and that you are capable of dealing with anything your confidence goes through the roof. You will try new things and put yourself in new situations and therefor grow tremendously as a person because you are willing to take more chances in unknown situations. The person who suffers from lack of confidence prefers to stay in their safe little box and as consequence doesn’t grow through having many experiences like the confident person.

What does living and “intuitively inspired life” mean?
When you follow your intuition you make wiser decisions according to who you really are at your core and what is truly right for you, rather than decisions based on what others think you should do or what society dictates. Listening to your intuition puts you in touch with the “authentic” you.

For example, when you feel an aversion to doing something but, you do it anyway the aversion you feel is your inner guidance trying to communicate to you to examine your choice. When you follow your intuition and do the things that make you feel joyous, motivated and excited you live an “intuitively inspired life.” You feel “inspired” to do the things you do – and it is that joy and inspiration that brings “the world to you.”

When you are inspired and exude joy others will be drawn to your energy as will more opportunity for greater success in every area of your life. When you are “intuitively inspired” you become a dynamic and magnetic force in your own life!

Why is it harder to connect to your inner voice when you need it most?
There are many instances of people who have been in a crisis with no way out who suddenly had a crystal clear moment of calm. They always describe it similarly, “Suddenly this unbelievable sense of calm came over me and I heard this voice directing me to……..and I knew immediately that everything would be okay.” There are times in our lives when our intuition is so strong and the need so great that it can break through the wild frantic thoughts that have overtaken our minds but, it’s not a process we have any control over.

Normally, when you are upset about something your mind swirls with thoughts about the situation that upset you. You cannot calm down and so your mind keeps racing. When you are calm your intuitive voice stands out and comes to the forefront of your awareness. If you are practiced at meditation make some time to meditate and still the mind. Then you can ask for guidance and you will hear it. The secret to hearing your intuition is learning to remain calm in all situations.

Why is it that sometimes my intuition is “wrong?”
When your intuition appears to have been wrong this is an opportunity to fine tune your listening skills. Think back to when this “intuitive” idea appeared. Close your eyes and go back in time and try to recall the details.

Did it arise spontaneously and inspire you or were you thinking of taking this route all along? When it came to mind had you been thinking of how taking this action would lead to this, and then to this and then this outcome? Were you unsure if it was your intuition but, you did it anyway despite the doubts?

When what we think was our intuition turns out to be wrong it wasn’t our intuition. Intuition does not arise in the mind due to a process of thinking. You can’t have been thinking about it all along and have it be your intuition.

Intuition is spontaneous and not the result of thinking linearly from one thought to the next to arrive at the “conclusion.” It is the arrival of the “conclusion” and “solution” without any previous thinking. When you receive an intuitive flash of inspiration or an intuitive solution in your awareness, you “know” immediately that it is going to work. You do not experience doubt and you don’t hear a little nagging voice at the back of your mind questioning your decision afterward.

Use the experiences when you have been “wrong” to learn the difference between intuition and a thought from the rational mind or your ego and you’ll do better next time.

Can developing intuition transform us spiritually?
Absolutely. One of the earliest signs that we are developing spiritually is the opening up of our intuition. At first we may be drawn to develop our intuition further for the benefits it can bring us personally such as solutions and guidance for our life – and that’s fine.

As we grow accustomed to receiving this guidance when we ask for it we find that our “faith” in something greater than ourselves expands as well. We begin to become much more attuned to the pulse of life in all creatures and we develop a finer more subtle sense with which we begin to detect the feelings of other living beings and creatures. This leads us to develop greater empathy, compassion and reverence for all life forms.

At the point that we begin finding ourselves connecting to others and detecting their feelings and thoughts we cross the line from intellectually knowing we are all “one” to actually experiencing it. I believe that experiencing “oneness” rather than intellectualizing it, is part of our spiritual growth.

What message do you want readers to take away from reading The Intuition Principle?
Learn to develop your intuition and to listen to it so that you will “know” whether you are on the right path or not. Never give your power away to others by ignoring your intuition. If you feel that something is wrong, or you have a nagging suspicion that you ought to do something or feel reluctance toward doing something you must honor these feelings. This is your intuition trying to guide you toward what is right for you.

Your intuition can lead you directly to what you were meant to do in this life. When you are unhappy about a circumstance in your life think back – and you’ll probably recall that you ignored this nagging voice that wanted you to do something else. Always listen to your inner wisdom.

Once you are aligned with your true purpose, the path before you will become completely clear and your life will flow easily and effortlessly. Learning to trust and follow The Intuition Principle will turn your life around from just getting through each day to living the exciting life of your dreams.

What bonuses are you offering people who purchase your book?
I recorded several of the meditations from the book that you can download as MP3s. I also have some of the worksheets from exercises in the book and they can be downloaded as well.

The Giveaway

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More about Angela Artemis

Angela Artemis, an intuition coach, is on a mission to teach readers around the world to “speak intuition” so that they unlock all the brilliant potential that resides within and start successfully living the life of their dreams now – not later. She blogs at and is the author of, The Intuition Principle: How to Attract the Life you Dream Of. Free bonus material is available to readers of The Intuition Principle here.

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  • I won! Yey! Thank you Angela!

  • Mat Lac

    For a long time, I just let myself be guided by other people’s decisions. This path led me to exclude myself from others, because I didn’t seem to enjoy life as much as others, as well as leading me even further into depression, because I wasn’t in tune with myself, and I felt like I had no control. One day, after I began practicing mediation, I came to realize that I wasn’t living in tune to myself, and I wasn’t listening to myself. Since then, I have changed states(literally and figuratively), started a new degree, found myself getting closer to many friends, have found myself coming out of depression and even becoming more social than many of my extroverted friends. Since then, I have been tempted quite a few times to go back to that old path, but every time I fall for it, I see the devastation it leaves for me. I know from experience how important intuition(and meditation) is.

  • This is a terrific book!  I learned so much from it!  One thing I learned is that I already use my intuition, even more than I realized.  Recently I was poised to buy something I was very excited about, but it was a big investment.  I decided to sleep on it.  As I went to sleep, I started to feel more cautious about the purchase.  When I woke up, I knew it wasn’t right, even though there were many rational reasons why it was.  I turned it down, trusting that the right one would come along.  

    Great interview.