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Sunday Inspiration #8

By on Sep 13, 2015

Today’s Sunday Inspiration: Every day we are presented with the most amazing things to enjoy. We don’t need to wait for the next big thing to come along when we have perfectly-sized things already with us.

enjoy the little things

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  • Robert Longley

    In sync with my poem for the day.


    What are you expecting
    What is it you’ve seen
    Will you tell the story
    Of all you know has been

    Perhaps it’s for one person
    Or maybe for all mankind
    You need just look around you
    For the meaning you will find

    Some will miss the answers
    For them it was not meant
    There are so many miracles
    That are so often sent

    This as a reminder
    There are miracles every day
    Take time to see them
    So life doesn’t get in the way

  • Test