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Sunday Inspiration #23

By on Jan 24, 2016

Today’s Sunday Inspiration: Knowing how someone wants to be loved and then providing that love are two separate things.

Sometimes marriages and other relationships end because either one person does not understand how to love or meet the needs of the other; or one partner simply refuses to meet the needs of the other.

To love intentionally is a choice and the power of love extends its reach when we love with purpose.

Real love, authentic love, springs to life and is sustained when we make the choice to feed it with our deliberate passion. Our souls are nourished when our partners realize we know how to love them.

There will be a day when I no longer share this life with Mary Beth, my wife. When that day arrives, my hope is she will know my intent was to discover exactly what she wanted and my conscious choice was to give her more of that.

love with purpose
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