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Sunday Inspiration #21

By on Dec 13, 2015

Today’s Sunday Inspiration: With so much pain in the world, it can be challenging to hear the words that bring relief, peace and hope. And by filtering so many of the dark, unproductive words before they reach our souls, can leave us unprepared to take in the words that matter most.

But these words, the words wrapped in a beautiful package made out of love, are the ones that can fill our souls and bring us back to life again.

So, on the days when the world feels dark, open your heart until you hear these beautiful words loud and clear once again.
– You are free to let go of the past.
– Show kindness to yourself.
– It’s okay to ask for what you want.
– You are powerful.
– This moment matters most.
– Love is a gift.
– Mistakes are proof you are trying.

open your heart
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