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Sunday Inspiration #17

By on Nov 15, 2015

Today’s Sunday Inspiration: Our lives will be measured by what we write on our hearts, not by what we write on our resumes. Our lives will be defined by the times when someone asked for our love and we gave it. Our lives will be shaped by the times when we asked for love and then received it.

God created humans with a capacity to love. He loves us so much that He wants us to feel the magic and beauty of love, too. Our ability to love is what makes us human.

Our purpose, then, is to extend this love to ourselves and to anyone else with whom we feel safe, connected and have the desire to share this precious gift with over and over again.

Fathers, make time for your daughters. Mothers, hold on tight to your sons. Husbands respect and support your wives in whatever they decide to do. Wives, tell your husbands how much you love them.

The point is not to hold the love for yourself, but to turn the love outward and cover others with its splendor

love each other

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