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Stories of Change, Faith and Inspiration | Edition One

By on Nov 02, 2008

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.” – William Arthur Ward

We don’t have to look far to find inspiration and the desire to cultivate and sustain our faith can be jump-started when we turn to others to help. In order to keep moving forward in life, we must keep growing – and keep changing.

During the times in my life when I’m feeling down or discouraged, I often turn to others for strength. Hearing that someone else is either going through what I’m experiencing, or has moved past the pain and discomfort I’m struggling with, is a valuable resource.

Sharing is what Stories of Change, Faith and Inspiration is all about. The following articles remind us we are not alone. There are many who have gone before us and there is incredible value in reading their stories and gathering a few nuggets of their wisdom.

The writers featured in this edition are true BridgeMakers. They have each taken the time to reach across to a place where they once stood to help us get to the other side, too.

  • The Importance of Setting Personal Boundaries
    by Albert Foong

    When do we say no, and when do we say yes? Is saying no a sign of selfishness or a sign of strength? Is saying yes a sign of weakness, or a sign of generosity and compassion?

    A perplexing question for so many travelers – do we set down boundaries, and if so, how? Some say boundaries are essential, for we have to look after ourselves. They say it is a sign of strength to be able to politely disappoint someone, or to firmly tell an abusive man to back off.

    But others will say boundaries are essentially selfish, the sign of a petty man, a small hearted woman. more

  • The Stretching Season
    by Minister Mamie L. Pack

    Often times, I have heard pastors and ministers preach on the importance of knowing what season you are in. There are seasons of growth, seasons of sowing, seasons of preparation, seasons of reaping and so much more.

    Recently, when I attended a church 10 year celebration, the pastor spoke of three seasons. One in particular caught my attention. The season of stretching. In the season of stretching you are stepping into the unknown. It is in this season that your faith in Christ will be stretched to grow. In this season, you rely more on God and less on self because you have no other place to go. more

  • Learning to Let Life In
    by Chris Edgar

    When I was ten years old, I traveled with my Dad and brother through Malibu, California, and I didn’t like it one bit. I didn’t care at all that there were massive trees, sweeping ocean views, or lizards and all other kinds of unique creatures frolicking about. What I really wanted was to get back to reading my books, which at the time were probably fantasy paperbacks or Hardy Boys novels.

    A few days ago, I returned to Malibu with my brother, and had a radically different experience. We hiked for a few hours to the top of a hill overlooking the ocean and several lush valleys. When I first took in the view, I had to close my eyes for a few moments because my senses felt overloaded by the beauty of the scenery. When I opened my eyes again, I was so overwhelmed by the existence of such a place that I found myself crying. I stretched out my arms and let out a shout of joy. more

  • Learning to Fall
    by Higher Grace

    I fell yesterday.

    It was one of those times when I didn’t watch where I was going. (In my defense, I was moving a hummingbird feeder invaded by bees and was somewhat distracted.)

    One minute I was upright and focused, then in a swirl I was bottom side up, peering through a very different world view. Nothing much was damaged except my pride, but it got me to wondering. more

  • Family Downsizes Life to a Camper
    by The Life Less Traveled

    Family Smudge comprises of: husband Scott, wife Alice, 1-year-old daughter Isabella and family dog, Milla. Tired of the daily grind in the UK and in search of a better quality of family life, they decided to embark on a drastic life-change in February 2008.

    They sold their UK house, put most of their possessions into storage and with a handful of clothes, cooking utensils and a computer, moved into their folding camper in the back garden of a family member. 3 months later they gave up their primary income, left the UK altogether and set out on the road to France in search of a new and unknown destiny. more

  • The Most Meaningful Week of the Year So Far
    by The Growing Artist

    Growing up in the Midwest before making the move to California four years ago I had many friends and acquaintances. As it usually goes after high school, I lost contact with over half of them. Now I have a small circle of friends that I would consider somewhat close. Whenever I’m feeling frustrated or stuck I usually go to each one of them and ask their advice.

    The funny thing is: None of them usually have the same feedback! I’ve started to realize this lately and discussed this with my life coach. I began to realize over the last couple of weeks that I have been asking everyone for THEIR opinions but not really listening to MY “inner voice.” more

  • Finding Your Purpose
    by Jocelyn Soriano

    Finding your purpose in life is often one of the most difficult things we desire to do. What job is meant for you? How do you know what you really want to do in life?

    After all the hard work studying, you’ve finally graduated from school. After all the hard work applying for a job, you’ve finally landed a job that pays you. And after all the hard work finding other jobs, you’ve finally landed a job that pays you well. Happy? Why not? more

  • How to Mother from Your Higher Self
    by Becca Glouzstein

    Well, if you are still not sure what ‘your work’ is, then let me give you a clue – at this moment in time, your work, or part of it, is being a mother!

    It is tempting to spend our days with our children but mentally to be at the yoga class or writing our best-selling children’s book, or setting up the inspirational website. The time to do that will come, believe me! more

  • 7 Winning Character Traits That Create A Lifetime Of Success
    by Shamelle Perera

    I am an ardent fan of the TV series The Big Idea. For the benefit of those of you who haven’t watched it, it is an interview which features a person who has made an idea they once had, a success.

    Most of them have started with literally just the shirts on their backs but have later went to become great CEOs, property moguls, entrepreneurs, or media stars. Even with little or no money in their pockets – they STILL managed to have amazing success in their lives. more

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