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The Power of Staying the Course

By on Apr 15, 2010

Life’s weather is but temporary. It’s the seasons that really matter. – Anonymous

Have you ever felt stretched to the limit? You believe that you cannot handle one more thing. And if something more happens that causes additional stress, pain, and anxiety you worry you might not be able to keep it together and you will fall apart.

And if there are others depending on you to be the “strong one” the pressure to hold things together becomes even more burdensome.

You might be facing relationship challenges, struggling to grow your business, dealing with family issues, money worries, debts, divorce, or an illness. You feel tired as if you have been in a battle and you just want a break, a time out, a space for things to be easier to catch your breath, at least for a while so that you can regain your strength for what’s next.

Surrendering to faith

Some part of you is certain you will crash and burn while another part of you stands strong with a knowing that the place you are in is rich with growth opportunities with long term benefits if you will just stay the course. This part whispers, “Stay committed to your life path. Keep going and trust that all will be well.”

You take a deep breath, renew your commitment, and take that next critical step to continue walking in faith. The yearning to fulfill your life purpose can give you strength and courage to overcome your fears and doubts.

I’m reminded of a scene in the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when the main character must take a step forward to get to the other side of a ravine and there is no bridge to cross. Once he takes that first step, a plank appears beneath his feet so he can cross safely. That’s how the Universe responds to faith when we surrender the resistance – it shows up. That movie clip is one of the memories I recall when I am feeling fear rising.

There are no accidents without value

I’ve had several meltdowns in the last two months. I’ve been on my knees in prayer, alternating between sobbing and anger. I’ve been stepping out in my life and business in bigger ways and there have been financial, health, and time challenges that have created so much stress and stretched me to my limits.

In this emotionally charged space I’ve travelled though despair, hatred, desperation, frustration, depression, discouragement, anger, fear, to hopefulness, optimism, positive expectation, enthusiasm, happiness, passion, joy, and love. I’m feeling a bit wiped out from this internal battle I’ve been waging inside to navigate through the messiness of this life period.

I recall a dear friend asking me, “What if everything you are experiencing that is causing you pain and hardship was designed to bring you closer to your Divinity?

That question resonated deeply in my heart to bring me peace and courage. I believe that every person and situation in our life is in service to our personal growth and soul evolution. And I want all the gifts, blessings, and miracles that have my name on it!

Walking through fire

When we come to the end of our tolerance with life situations and must take that step into a greater unknown, our mind and ego goes into a panic. Our mind believes if we take that leap and push farther outside of the safety of our comfort zone that its survival is at risk.

If we continue, our ego fears it will die and then what? What will happen to us? Our thoughts race with panic and perceived danger. Our self-talk paints a bleak picture of worse case scenarios with the finesse and skill of a seasoned litigator seeking to woo us back to its version of safety.

My friend Brent says many people quit five minutes before the miracle happens. They come to a point where things feel too hard, too painful, and too uncomfortable. So they back off and return to their comfort zone.

So, I ask you now:

  • what are you totally committed to?
  • where is your breaking/braking point?
  • do you stop too soon and give up?
  • do you stay too long when it’s time to let go?
  • what are you holding on to that is time to surrender?
  • what do you want so badly you are willing to do whatever it takes?
  • what fuels your courage and faith to stay the course no matter what?

Your past is a reflection of the choices you have already made. Each minute, each hour, and each day you make decisions that lay the groundwork for your future. Staying the course takes renewed commitment, trust, and faith that what we feel called to be or do is sanctioned by the Universe. It’s like walking through fire and knowing that you won’t get burned.
Stay the course – all will be well.

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  • You’re right. That is what I mean. It’s just when you want to go somewhere. It would be beneficial to look ahead and not look behind. But you’re right, learning from the past is also beneficial as long as we do not dwell too much in the guilt and regret.

  • Hi Megan

    I believe that looking at the past serves many purposes especially if there is something unresolved that is asking to be healed or provides a learning and teaching opportunity for us to grow. The disadvantage can be in the “dwelling” on the past and ruminating on what happened that can evoke anger, resentments, regrets that fester and erode our self-esteem, confidence, and well-being.