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Speak Love

By on Mar 29, 2015

love without saying a word

Speak low, if you speak love. – William Shakespeare

You communicate with thousands of words every day. From what you say – to what you write, words flow through you and touch others in conversations, emails and notes.

Words also flow into you. From what you hear – to what you read, words touch your mind, and your heart.

Words are important because they can describe feelings, convey information and warn of danger. But words alone aren’t the only way to communicate. Sometimes what you don’t say is just as important as what you do say.

Love is like that.

How to Love

I’ve told Mary Beth that I love her over a million times.

And although each word is heartfelt, I know it’s how I love her that matters most. While it’s almost unnoticeable on the days when I don’t say, “I love you,” it’s unimaginable not to speak love through my actions.

Speak love and see love flow through you and straight into someone’s heart.

Speak love by being fully present.

Speak love by holding a hug a little longer than usual.

Speak love by not looking for anything in return.

Speak love by doing more than unexpected.

Speak love by doing something he doesn’t like to do.

Speak love by never taking your loved one for granted.

Speak love by respecting what she likes, and doesn’t like.

Speak love by sharing everything from the last spoonful of ice cream to creating a life.

Speak love by giving him a little space when it’s needed.

Speak love by helping your partner do something difficult.

Speak love by planning a special occasion.

Speak love by doing things that will make your love one laugh and smile.

Speak love by holding hands and doing nothing.

Speak love by loving yourself just as much.

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