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Soul on Fire

By on Jul 27, 2015

A soul on fire

The most powerful force on earth is the human soul on fire. – Ferdinand Foch

I’m back.

I could blame my absence on a busy work schedule or wanting some downtime while on vacation. But I know myself better than that. I took a break because I lost the passion to write and share my heart.


The world has seemed so black lately.

Anxiety over the ISIS threat and shootings like the one in Chattanooga have left my soul shaky. To be honest, it felt like the fire had been extinguished and replaced with a dark hole that was getting deeper every day.

Writing once filled that hole. Though I love my family more than anything else, using my words to inspire others is what I consider to be my purpose; my passion. Writing is what sets my soul on fire.

Sometimes I’m frightened of this passion because I don’t know where it’s taking me. And sometimes I’m afraid my passion will betray me and leave me thinking that my life was meaningless.

The Enemy of My Soul

Noticing my guard was down, the Enemy was opportunistic and offered this advice: Why write? Why bother to spread hope? People don’t care like they once did. You can’t do anything about the world getting blacker.

But like hundreds of other times in my life, I realized I was empowered with a choice: I could let the fire fade and eventually burn out or I could ignore the Enemy’s lie and listen to the truth. And the truth is God’s light is so bright that it has the capacity to set a soul on fire – all souls, including mine.

Burning for Something Better

The fire is returning.

I feel it begin to cover up the dark hole and replace it with a hope so filling that it’s meant to be shared. It’s time once again to be a soul on fire and burn for something better than the worse days we witness.

A soul on fire can…
– be kindness, always.
– never stop believing people can be good.
– choose love every time.
– let go of control and lean on faith.
– use its voice to drown out the hate.
– be brave when it’s hard.
– bring people together.
– keep the fire burning bright no matter how dark the world may seem.


I’m ready to knock of the rust and get back to writing. Here’s what you can expect to read:

Sunday: On Sundays, you will receive Sunday Inspiration – weekly messages to keep your faith strong.

Monday: Each Monday I will post an article that offers an appropriately-sized window into my life. You are welcome to look inside to see if a part of your life is reflecting back at you.

Thursday: Thursdays will give you Inspiring Things like quotes, images, videos and more.

Comments have been turned off for all future posts. If a post resonates with you, please consider sharing it on your favorite social media channels. I would appreciate that.

So, I’m back – writing, spreading hope and sharing my heart to the best of my ability because I refuse to let the blackness take over.

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