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Smile, Be Happier and Count Your Blessings

By on Oct 02, 2009


Editor’s Note: The following is a website review for The folks there are all about inspiring people to be happier and more resilient. Please enjoy! – Alex Blackwell

Article written by guest contributor Michael Durkheimer. Please visit Michael at

You have always been told to “count your blessings.” This is a tradition that has been passed down for generations and is a central value in the lives of many people. But does this age-old motto actually make people happier?

New research at some of the top universities in the world has shown that it does! People who practice the act of counting their blessings every night, and many other age-old customs of faith, have now been proven to be correlated with living more happy, productive and fulfilled lives. In fact, there is a new field of research that has exploded over the past 10 years called positive psychology, commonly referred to as the “science” of happiness.

Like “counting your blessings,” many age-old ideals have been put to the test, and researchers have now found proof to back up many of our most ingrained traditions. is a new website that takes these tested philosophies and puts them into easy-to-follow exercises so that anyone can boost their mood, productivity, and quality of relationships on a daily basis.

For example, helps its users count their blessings and track their successes with an exercise called “Three Good Things.” You can see demo videos of all of the exercises here, and an explanation of why the “Three Good Things” exercise works here.

More about Positive Psychology:

In the past, psychology has primarily focused on the question “What makes really sad people sad?” Positive Psychology asks the question “What make really happy people happy?” – and they have found some exciting and often counter-intuitive answers!

In the last 10 years, the “science” of happiness has exploded – and expert researchers have pinpointed many of the simple traits that make people more optimistic, productive and fulfilled in their lives.

Many of these complicated findings have been boiled down into easy to use tests and exercises which, when practiced on a regular basis, have been shown to increase a person’s overall optimism and confidence, build stronger relationships, and help people be more productive and fulfilled in both their work and home lives … by an average of 20% in only 8 to 12 weeks! Because it is rooted in science and RESULTS, positive psychology has shown that it can change lives and turn around relationships.

What is – It’s a personal trainer for your happiness! is a new website that launched on September 23, 2009 designed to help people not just be happier but “do happier.” This innovative website provides online tools and exercises for users to make an immediate positive impact on their lives.

The website allows users to participate for free by taking four validated tests with instant feedback on strengths, optimism, happiness and positivity. More than 100 exclusive videos from the world’s leading happiness researchers and practitioners are also included in this section of the site. Premium users can subscribe for just $5 a month for access to more than a dozen research-backed tools customized to increase happiness, resilience, optimism, engagement, and meaning.

Doug Hensch and Andrew J. Rosenthal co-founded to inspire people to be happier and more resilient based on the field of positive psychology. They worked closely with Martin E.P. Seligman Ph.D, an exclusive consultant for, who is the “father of positive psychology” and a noted professor from the University of Pennsylvania.

More than a decade of research has shown that everyone can proactively improve their happiness, leading to more fulfilled and productive lives. Happiness in America is at an all-time low, and was designed to help alleviate this problem.

Users start feeling happier after just an hour or two on the site, and within weeks, we start to hear phrases like ‘life changing’ and ‘just the solution I was looking for.’

“The site offers proven solutions for real improvement,” says Andrew J. Rosenthal, co-founder of is the first set of easy-to-use and engaging online happiness-boosting tools backed by the science of positive psychology. To date, the online tools, videos, blog and iPhone application have been used by more than 40,000 beta-testers.

  • I was not aware of Thank you for posting this review. I’m off to check it out right after I finish thanking you.

    I’m interested in Psychology as it relates to personal development, particularly as it relates to our choices and our perception of the world. I’m really looking forward to seeing all that they’ve developed over at the site.

    Marshall Jones Jr.