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By on Dec 04, 2014

skipping lunch

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. – Lao Tzu

The Christmas season is here. Radio stations are playing holiday music, stores are beautifully decorated and gifts catalogs from L.L. Bean and the Kansas City Steak Company have been carefully inspected to find the right gifts for the right people.

The Christmas season is also a reminder to share our gifts with the people who need them the most. This year, the Christmas season is nudging me to share a little more.

Sharing Blessings

With so many blessings to count, there are many people who don’t feel as hopeful. Knowing this, I’m skipping lunch every weekday beginning today and continuing throughout the Christmas season so someone else will have the opportunity to eat.

Missing these lunches gives me the opportunity to direct my lunch money to Harvesters – a Kansas-City based community food bank. Harvesters provides food and related household products to more than 620 not-for-profit agencies including emergency food pantries, community kitchens, homeless shelters, children’s homes and others. They are also a certified member of Feeding America.

If you are interested in joining me, here are some ways to get involved:

Share Your Food
If you pack your lunch, considering filling your lunch bag with the food items needed most like canned vegetables, canned fruit, boxed meals, canned meat, peanut butter, canned soup and cereal.

During my lunch break, I will head to the office lobby where I will leave the food in a Harvester’s donation receptacle.

Share Your Money
On the days when you don’t have a food item to give, consider going online to make a donation. You can donate to Feeding America here.

With what I would have spent on a lunch, about $10, will help Harvesters provide 30 meals.

Share Your Time
Discover the volunteer opportunities at your community food bank. I will volunteer my time over some lunch breaks.

Share Your Voice
Even if I were to lose my job today, my family and I have enough resources that we’ll never be hungry. So while I’ll never know what it means to be hungry, I hope that by skipping a few lunches will help me better understand what’s it’s like not to have a meal to eat.

I will share my experiences on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #SkippingLunch.

Please share your voice, too. Together we can raise even more awareness for the 49 million Americans who struggle with hunger every day.

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