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Six Stupid Things People Do to Mess Up Their Lives

By on Jul 17, 2011

Until you let go of it, fear can make you oblivious to see what you can really do. – Jonathan Figaro

What do a 23-year-old from Brooklyn and a 49-year-old from Kansas have in common?

They both understand the crippling effect fear can have.

Jonathan Figaro is the 23-year-old from Brooklyn and author of the eBook Six Stupid Things People Do to Mess Up Their Lives.

I am the 49-year-old.

And I have done all six stupid things. After reading his eBook, it’s good to know I’m not alone.

Meeting Jonathan

Last October I stumbled across Jonathan’s blog and was immediately impressed with his raw style and brilliant writing. I immediately subscribed and then sent him an email to tell him that he had a new fan.

Jonathan mixes self-help with fiction-based scenes, along with personal accounts to create a memorable reading experience. With these techniques, he delivers a soulful, honest message. This style is particularly effective in his new eBook.

Six Stupid Things People Do to Mess Up Their Lives is comprised of six chapters that address how fear changes the way we see the world and influences the choices we make – and when fear is the primary influencer, our lives can become “messed up.”

The title for each chapter sets the tone for the unflinching wisdom that is found in each one:

Chapter One | Stupid Optimism

We’re surrounded by infinite riches, yet we fail to see the great untapped potential within us. Inside each and every one of us is a gold mine, glazed with infinite potential, unexplainable resources, and sugar-coated greatness.

Chapter Two | Crazy Success

If you believe it’s time to walk along a new path, guess what? You’re probably right. Preserve your right to be happy today. Isolate yourself from those who discourage you. Seek out people who acknowledge your struggles and help you reach another plateau of self-advancement. If all else fails, follow your heart. You can’t go wrong with your intuition; it’s God whispering to you.

Chapter Three | Screwball Dreams

All that fear you hold as true to yourself is not real. Grow up! It’s only real because you have accepted it as fact. No matter how strong you may believe in that fear, its only power is what you give it. So your fear of rejection, heights, or success only affects you due to the intensity of your beliefs. Without those beliefs, you would live fearlessly.

Chapter Four | Bonkers Imagination

The theory I have on life is that people fear what they don’t understand and hate what they cannot conquer. My family feared the worst because they couldn’t understand what my idea of life was or why I was so secluded in my own world. Hopefully reaching this far in my book, they know now.

Chapter Five | Ludicrous Goals

You need to have a goal to give you a sense of direction, an indication of where you want to be. Any goal is better than no goal, in my book. Be clear on where you want to go and who you want to become, for if you set your heart upon it, you’ll reach it.

Chapter Six | Idiotic Peace

My definition of peace is being at ease with yourself, no matter your circumstance, or outside environment. Knowing in the end everything will turn out in your favor, no matter how bleak the situation seems. Having faith that no matter what you will end up on top of the food chain.

Stupid ideas worth remembering

Jonathan Figaro concludes each chapter with either a list of stupid things worth remembering or stupid principals to follow. The word stupid is not meant to be taken literally, but as a way to grab the reader’s attention.

With so many personal development resources stating what we should do to improve our lives, Jonathan’s unorthodox, but effective approach, makes reading these chapter-ending lists, and then taking them to heart, irresistible.

Jonathan’s Six Stupid Things People Do to Mess Up Their Lives is worth the approximate two-hour reading time. The eBook provides hard-charging power in the simple truth that we can stand in fear and accept our lives the way they are or we can take 100% responsibility; move past the fear, and then begin claiming the beautiful life that is waiting for each of us.

That’s what a 23-year-old from Brooklyn and a 49-year-old from Kansas have in common. We are both walking through the fear.

You are invited to read the eBook and begin walking with us, too.

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  • Alex,

    Excellent breakdown of the book. It was a truly kind gesture of you and I’m hoping that others enjoyed it as much as I did. Jonathan is one creative and talented young man.


  • John – good numbers; even better letters!

  • My number’s are 22 (birthday) and 45 (age today when I’ve never felt better) Alex. And letters are A.L.I.V.E! :))

  • We are glad you are here, too Galen.

  • I am so glad I took a few extra minutes to browse this morning, because now I not only know about Johnathan’s book but I also have discovered your blog. I look forward to reading more. Thanks!