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Simple Truths for Fearless Living

By on Aug 21, 2012

Whatever you can do or dream you can do, begin it! Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Every now and then the universe nudges you.

The unexpected happens and you are left feeling relieved, content and sometimes, when the universe nudges hard enough, you are left feeling inspired.

The universe nudged me recently when I received an email from David Goldklang. Like most unsolicited emails I receive, I opened this one and scanned it with suspension. But this email captured my attention immediately.

David, a graphic designer, wanted to share a collection of quotes from Johann von Goethe he had designed as posters, postcards, and magnets. When I selected the link to view his work, I was inspired. Each poster is beautifully designed and captures the powerful, yet simple truths of Goethe’s wisdom.

In the email, David told me he had started a project on kickstarter and asked for my help in getting the word out to others. Responding to his request, and the nudge, it’s my pleasure to share David and his inspirational work with you.

Introducing David Goldklang

It amazes me how many people easily fall into the monotonous rhythm of daily life.

They become content with the familiar and they never take the chance to follow their dreams. It might be due to laziness, but I think the primary reason why most dreams are never achieved is fear. Quite often there is nothing more terrifying than the unknown.

While studying with Jeff Nelsen at Indiana University, I learned about his concept of fearlessness and how powerful of an obstacle our own brains can become when wrestling with our inner doubts. However, when armed with effective psychological tools and positive self-encouragement, we can achieve extraordinary goals.

I realized that although I hadn’t consciously thought about being fearless, I’ve always approached my life decisions with that exact mentality. Many times I’ve taken the bold step into the unknown instead of the easy path back to being comfortable and my life has certainly been far more interesting as a result.

From performing in Carnegie Hall with a first-rate orchestra to having narrowly missed winning a life-changing sum of money in the World Series of Poker, I’ve experienced more variety than the average person, but the truth is we are all capable of achieving more and sometimes what we need is the proper motivation.

As a graphic designer, I’m always looking for opportunities to create artwork that is both visually engaging and fulfilling on a deeper level. Lately, I’ve seen countless graphics of inspiring quotes, but despite the power of the messages, the aesthetics have failed to do justice to the words.

So, I’ve decided to design my own posters of some of my favorite quotes from Goethe. These simple ideas are a constant reminder for me to continue pursuing the path of exploration.

The posters (as well as postcards and magnets) are available on my kickstarter project site. I hope others will find them as creatively inspiring as I do.

Feeling nudged?

If the universe is nudging you right now, here’s how you can help David:

Do you have a comment, compliment or suggestion for David? If so, please share in Comments below. Reading my email? Click here to visit the site and let David know what you think.

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  • Excellent portrayal of fearlessness – that nasty 4 letter word… False Evidence Appearing Real….

    I liked his facebook page….thanks for the introduction…..

  • Love Goethe Alex and am so happy to see these wonderful quotes in such a beautiful format.  Thanks so much for introducing this Alex.  I’m off to pledge. 🙂
    Love Elle