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Simple, Thoughtful and Personal New Year Resolutions

By on Jan 02, 2011

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice.” – T.S. Eliot

Making resolutions on New Year’s Day is like taking a shower. It feels good at first; but soon the freshness begins to fade.

Feeling uninspired we return to what we know, and to what feels comfortable. We watch another year set the cruise control and never apply the brake. January becomes the launching pad for the months that follow.

How do I know this?

Because I’ve spent too many years hoping the shower would last a little longer.

This year I have a different plan. Instead of hoping the shower will last longer, I will change my approach and give myself a better chance of going deeper into the year with my resolutions intact.

My approach for 2011 is to be simple with my resolutions. Rather than focusing on one or two major ones, my plan will be to approach every day with anticipation, humility and vigor. Growing older brings a certain awareness. I have a good sense of what I want to accomplish in life – write that book, stay healthy and try to make a difference in the lives of others.

I’m not so concerned with being in the gym five days a week as I am living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. If some weeks it turns out to be just four or even three workouts, then so be it. That won’t mean I failed with achieving my resolution; it’ll just mean other things required my attention.

My New Year resolution, then, is to move closer to learning how to be comfortable with me in 2011, 2012 and beyond. After all, most of my resolutions aren’t intended to last just one year; they are intended to last a lifetime.

My simple, thoughtful and personal New Year resolutions

This year can bring whatever I choose. This year I choose to stop doing what I have been doing and to stop accepting what I have been getting. It’s time for more. It starts with these simple, thoughtful and personal resolutions and it starts right now:

  • Love my children unconditionally
  • Rest more
  • Save a little extra money
  • Walk by faith; not by sight
  • Keep learning how to use my voice when the bullies taunt
  • Find five minutes each day to be still and listen
  • Believe I’m not the person I was
  • Celebrate more and worry less
  • Call my father, sister and brother whenever they are on my mind
  • Share this blog, my humble gift, with more people
  • Want exactly what I have
  • Show Mary Beth my new smile everyday
  • Continue to move away from the temptation to be perfect
  • Say, “Yes” to doing one act of kindness daily – no matter how tired or busy I feel
  • Love who I am
  • Recognize the demons before it becomes too late
  • Make one new friend
  • Refuse to allow shame back into my life
  • Surrender my anxiety when I hear the footsteps
  • Listen to my body and let my leg heal
  • Feel my worth all the way down to my soul
  • Welcome the light of each new day

What are your simple New Year resolutions?
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  • Alex,
    I like how you’ve simplified your new year resolutions. I prefer intentions over resolutions myself. Resolutions feel so harsh, don’t they? I’m aiming to have more fun this year, and feel good about myself, and my life. Thanks so much for sharing yourself and your gifts with us Alex.

  • All highly noble Alex and more than worthwhile, you’re a good man. I’m sticking to two only this year – trust and be curious. Less resolution, more personal promise. No matter, both of ours make life a more special place to be.

  • Alex, you’ve made a big hit here already, but I love the simplicity of your list. I especially love

    “Show Mary Beth my new smile everyday.”

    So poetic and so simple, I can’t believe I haven’t thought of that. How can I show my wife a new part of my love each day? Thanks for challenging me, man.

  • @ALEX and TESS – I agree with our dear friend TESS. I too see this in you: You are already these things Alex. It’s what makes you special and so very kind.

  • ciara

    well for the first time in my life it was simple and a surprise this year I,am just doing what I have done this year, take little steps make, small changes, I Have realised just how lucky I,am to have such a good family, so I make more of an effort, and get to know each member of my family on a deeper level, with so much differience of pearsonalitys in my family, I can still fully give my time, attention love and care to each one,This year I have realised the importance of being one’s self, true to myself, and I realise when ego steps in, when I supposly on happy I now sit down and ask myself , where this anger is coming from , is this really me or is it that my ego had been attacked or put down to size, and nearly all the time its ego so I relax and recharge myself, I am taking care this year and even just before it started, my body and mind, strenghtning it, I set my standards higher and let my self dare to dream, and realise that its time to do all the things I have wanted, I did one a couple of days a go, and I felt so good , finally getting up and doing it was amazing, I felt a new lease of life, your blog is amazing and inspiring, down to earth and honest, ill keep reading and I hope You keep writing