10 Reasons to Buy Saying Yes to Change

10 Reasons to Buy Saying Yes to Change

Creating positive change begins with discovering one powerful truth: You cannot change or heal what you do not acknowledge. Sometimes, though, acknowledging the need to change can be uncomfortable, even terrifying.

If you feel stuck, alone or scared, you are invited to take the first step to your beautiful life by Saying Yes to Change.

Saying Yes to Change: 10 Timeless Life Lessons for Creating Positive Change
is a straightforward, powerful book. It will remind you to lean on faith, find inspiration in life’s challenging moments and walk the simple paths to positive change.

About Me

My name is Alex Blackwell – the founding editor of The BridgeMaker, an honestly written lifestyle blog dedicated to relying on faith, sharing the amazing power of love, and walking the simple paths to positive change.

My fear of positive change isolated me and brought my marriage to the brink of divorce. Determined to regain my passion for life and rekindle the relationship with my wife, I embarked on a soul-searching journey to confidence and spiritual strength. The lessons learned on this journey are the inspiration for this book.

Why read

Saying Yes to Change: 10 Timeless Life Lessons for Creating Positive Change is a heartfelt recounting of my best advice on building healthy relationships, learning to love yourself and being a positive force in the world. From Prepare Your Soul for Change to Let Faith Be Your Guide, the book provides ten timeless life lessons for finding happiness and the sense of peace that comes with true self-acceptance.

The sun waits for you every morning.

Before filling the sky with bursts of orange, yellow and red, it looks to see if you are on the way. The sun hovers beneath the horizon until you are ready. Then sensing your presence, it begins to inch its way higher into the sky.

You light up the sky with your amazing power. The sun simply soaks it in for the world to see. – from Saying Yes to Change: 10 Timeless Life Lessons for Creating Positive Change

How to buy the book

You can buy Saying Yes to Change: 10 Timeless Life Lessons for Creating Positive Change through Amazon. You have two options:

  • Download the Amazon Kindle Edition for $4.99 right now. Did you know you don’t need a Kindle to read the Kindle version? You can use your computer, iPad, iPhone or other mobile device – just select your preferred delivery method in the right-hand sidebar on the Amazon page.
  • Order the paperback edition for $5.98.

Ten reasons to buy the book

    1. This book is honest. It doesn’t contain ideas that only work in theory; it’s packed with practical, life-lived advice that will help you find your path to positive change.
    2. This book provides over 50 simple actions you can do right now to move toward the life you want. Each action is just the right size that you will see success immediately.
    3. This books reveals ten timeless life lessons:
      Lesson One: Prepare Your Soul for Change (ready your mind and heart for the journey)
      Lesson Two: Find Freedom from Pain (let go of the painful memories to find happiness)
      Lesson Three: Listen to Your Inner Philosopher (stay confident when facing doubt)
      Lesson Four: Recognize Your Beauty (accept and love your true self)
      Lesson Five: Learn To Live Without Asterisks (place no limits on the life waiting for you)
      Lesson Six: Be Inspired By Love (create and sustain loving, positive relationships)
      Lesson Seven: Live Beyond Your Skin (learn new tools for dealing with negative people)
      Lesson Eight: Find the Brighter Side of Failure (find value in everything that happens)
      Lesson Nine: Take Down the White Flag (find the courage to overcome barriers)
      Lesson Ten: Let Faith be Your Guide (learn to walk by faith)
    4. This book gives you a true window into my life. I reveal more in this book than I have ever done on The BridgeMaker blog. I want to open up to you, so I can remind you that you don’t have to walk alone.
    5. This book would make a great gift. Do you know someone who is struggling to find meaning, purpose and happiness? If so, please consider gifting this book.
    6. This book has been affordably priced. My hope is that it will reach the people who will be inspired, and changed, by reading it.
    7. This book will generate revenue that will help me continue my work on The BridgeMaker. If you are a long-time reader, you’ll know I rarely promote products or services. This is the first book I’ve published, and buying it ensures the blog’s continued growth. Thank you.
    8. This book is beautifully designed and has been professionally edited so that it’s easy to read. Many thanks to Joshua Denney for his creative talent and to Ali Luke for her exceptional editing skills.
    9. This book is written for you. Although I provide glimpses into my life, I do so as a way to share the ten timeless life lessons with you. These life lessons are intended to encourage you to acknowledge what you want to change or heal, beginning today.
    10. This book is important. I would be grateful if it touches many lives, and hearts – including yours.

You can order right now at Amazon.

Book Excerpt

Leavenworth, Kansas is a town of prisons. The United States Penitentiary is located on one end of town, and Fort Leavenworth, the only maximum security prison for the United States military, is on the other. But as fate would have it, on a summer morning in 2003 I drove from my hometown of Kansas City to Leavenworth seeking freedom.

Overlooking the Missouri River sits the community center that holds the Breakthrough seminars. The community center has no locks on the doors or bars on the windows. But when I first stepped inside, nine years ago, I felt imprisoned.

My fears were holding me captive. I was terrified to let go and relinquish my need to be perfect in everything I did. My pursuit of perfection kept me from seeing what was right in front of me – waiting there, perfectly for me.

Before attending the Breakthrough seminar, I didn’t realize that I couldn’t blame the teasing I received as a child, or the ineffectiveness of my parents, for my current disconnectedness. The seminar taught me that it was my responsibility to become a whole person; a whole man, with a whole heart, regardless of the circumstances I encountered along the way.

I learned if my heart was going to connect with the hearts of others, I had to be the one to connect it. I learned it was up to me to create the life I want.

As I was approaching my house after the drive home from Leavenworth, I noticed the lights were on. They appeared much brighter to me, and seemed to have enough power to pull my car the rest of the way. Sitting in my driveway, I allowed the memory of what I had learned at the seminar to linger a few moments longer.

I felt at peace knowing I now had the power to throw away what was no longer working in my life. During a particularly emotional moment of the seminar, I was standing in the middle of a small circle of people I had just met, sobbing.

The trainers took me through an exercise that allowed me to see myself as a little boy. I was asked to pick up the boy and give him the love and comfort he lacked.

As I was holding little Alex, one of the trainers jumped on my back. Pretending to be my mother, she shouted that I wasn’t worthy to receive this love. At first, I didn’t know what to do. But then, the action I needed to take was clear – with all my strength I shook her off my back and pushed her as far away from me as I could.

The suffocating weight of my mother had been released. I was free, and I felt an incredible power in that freedom.

Buy Saying Yes to Change: 10 Timeless Life Lessons for Creating Positive Change to continue reading.