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Remembering Nhu

By on Nov 13, 2013


To every scared and broken heart, you’re not alone where you are. – Candice Russell

My song Remember is about a Cambodian girl who I met three years ago named Nhu. I remember being heartbroken as I sat and listened to her tell her story…

Nhu grew up in Cambodia. At age 12, her family went through major financial difficulties. To pay off debts for money she had borrowed to feed the family, Nhu’s grandmother sold her to a human trafficker for $300.

She was raped and sexually abused for three days and then returned to the family. The physical pain she experienced was horrible, but the emotional pain was even worse.

Innocence Lost

After she was returned to her family, people began to find out what had happened and started treating her as if she had done something wrong, they would whisper and exclude her. This 12-year-old-girl’s innocence was taken from her and her life would never be the same.

Upon hearing a missionary tell Nhu’s story, a couple named Carl and Laurie Ralston, decided that they would remember Nhu. The Ohio couple travelled to Cambodia several times searching for the young girl until they found her.

They eventually adopted her and sold their insurance business to start a non-profit outreach they now call Remember Nhu.

Remember Nhu homes provide housing, food, education and vocational training to children who are at risk of becoming victims of human trafficking. There are currently fifteen Remember Nhu homes in seven countries, helping 400 girls and boys.

A Life Reclaimed

Nhu is now a beautiful young woman who is confident and actively involved in the outreach that bears her name. She travels and tells her story to help raise funds to build Remember Nhu homes worldwide.

With tears in her eyes, Nhu finished telling her story. I could hardly contain my sadness and my anger. I was deeply moved and decided then that if I ever had the influence, I would do what I could to help rid the world of the tragedy of human trafficking.

The song Remember, written by myself, my brother, Aaron Russell, and my producer Dave Lubben, is a song written from the perspective of Nhu. The song is meant to provide encouragement to those who might be trapped in these tragic circumstances, as well as a call to action to those who are able to provide their help.

Although the song is written about sex trafficking, it is also written in such a way as to be an inspiration to all women who have been abused, misused, abandoned or neglected.

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