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One Dozen Out-of-the-Box Ideas to Inspire Romance

By on Oct 30, 2008

My heart is ever at your service. – William Shakespeare

Often the times the gifts we give from the heart are the ones cherished the most.

Mary Beth and I made a pact several years ago not to exchange token or cliché gifts on special days like birthdays, our wedding anniversary or Mother’s and Father’s Day. Gifts like a dozen of roses (although I do surprise her from time-to-time with flowers on days that have no particular meaning), after-shave or a box of candy are considered bad form.

Instead we attempt to provide gifts that will touch the other’s heart and soul. We try to go a little deeper to let the other know how much we cherish their presence in our life.

Here are one dozen out-of-the-box gift ideas to help you think differently about what to give on the days your want to inspire romance and let your partner know how much they mean to you:

  1. Take her car for the day. Have it washed and vacuumed. Get the oil changed and take care of any other needed repairs or maintenance. Deliver it back both cleaner and safer – this will remind her that you do value her safety, security and comfort.
  2. Use your design skills to create a “Take a Day for You” certificate on the computer. Print this and give it to your wife or girlfriend. Explain to her the certificate can be redeemed on any day that is most convenient for her to do whatever she chooses.
  3. Ask her out for a date. Really ask her just like you did in the beginning. Call her and say the words. Let her know you don’t take her, or the time you share together for granted.
  4. Get tickets to an upcoming concert of show. Take a look at who is coming to your area and surprise her with tickets. For even more fun, invite a few other couples to go, too, and rent a limo to keep the partying safe.
  5. Coordinate a girl’s night out. Call some of her best friends and arrange for them to pick her up and take her out.
  6. Arrange a movie night. Grab a couple of classics or current releases she may have missed, but would like to watch. Pick up a bottle of wine, some of her favorite hors d’oeuvres and get the fireplace going.
  7. Surprise her by bringing lunch to her work. Show-up, unannounced, with lunch for two. This is the time to bring a bouquet of flowers. The flowers will remind her of your visit, and to be honest, she will enjoy showing them to her co-workers as testament to having such a thoughtful man in her life who loves her very much.
  8. If she lives away from her parents or relatives, buy her an airline ticket (round-trip, of course). She will appreciate your recognition of the importance for her to continue developing and enjoying these relationships, too.
  9. Make her something with your hands. It can be a Valentine’s Day card, a piece of pottery, or something from your workbench in the garage. The point is to put yourself into the gift – something unique from your heart to hers.
  10. Plan a weekend get-a-way. It doesn’t have to be far away, only far enough to provide for some new scenery and a change-of-pace.
  11. Take her back to the place of your first date. Let her know if you had to do it all over again, you would.
  12. Put her needs before your needs. Tell her how much you love her and then live it by giving her the space to grow. Keep your jealously in-check, and let her live a life that is uniquely her own. Live the spirit of Valentine’s Day on the other days too. When you hold onto something too tightly it doesn’t have the room to grow. Find the courage to release it. When it comes back, you will know it is yours to keep, forever.

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