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The No Boundaries No Limits Lifestyle (NBNL)

By on Dec 10, 2013

no limits

The limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond them into the impossible. – Arthur C. Clarke

No Boundaries No Limits (NBNL) is a way of life, and something that we in YUCA strive to live for daily. It’s a mindset for the new millennium, a life path on which goals and dreams are pursued ruthlessly, obstacles are overcome by doing whatever it takes, fear of regret outweighs fear of failure, great distances are travelled and tremendous destinations are reached.

YUCA has passionately embraced this lifestyle as we follow our dreams while encouraging others to do the same.

Everyone involved with YUCA shares this mentality with our record label, Rising Empire Records, the stakeholders, of which are also huge ambassadors for always chasing one’s dreams.

The NBNL mindset isn’t easy and is something that we strive to live up to everyday as we encounter and overcome the challenges and obstacles that inevitably arise during the pursuit of one’s hopes and dreams.

Be a Rockstar

I think back to when I was a child and asked about what I wanted to be when I grew up? I wanted to follow the innocent dream I had in my heart and be a rockstar.

I didn’t realize how truly blessed I was to have parents that raised me in an environment that encouraged me to do whatever my heart desired, to be whomever I wanted to be, and to always try what I wanted to try without the fear of failing.

Years later, I found out that some of my peers didn’t have the same support from their families and friends. Their dreams were being crushed rather than encouraged and supported.

From day one, YUCA has had the loving support and encouragement from our families and friends. It is really an indescribable feeling to know that when you step out of your comfort zone to create art, to showcase your work to your fans, to pour your heart out on the stage, that you have this incredible support system behind you.

It is what propels us to try new things, to test new boundaries, to create without the fear of failure, to produce something unique and beautiful. This support gives us freedom and we are truly grateful.

Celebrate the Milestones

When chasing your dream, it is important to stay positive and surround yourself with people that breathe life into you. Most people’s dreams seem like they are a million miles away and out of reach – but they’re not.

One exercise that we do to remind ourselves that everything along the journey is part of the path of chasing our dreams is celebrate the milestones along the way. When we record a new track, read a positive album review or have a great live show, we make sure to remember that these were important milestones that we just accomplished in order to get to our bigger goals.

In this way, we stay positive and continue to encourage each other that we are on the right path. In our view, it is very important to reward yourself and celebrate with your loved ones along the way – encouraging words go a long way.

Never give up, great things take time., This is something we live by. Practicing patience is a virtue that is very important in the music business and a key to success for many bands. A lot of bands have a short lifespan because they seek immediate success, something that is extremely hard to achieve in this business.

YUCA has a passion for music; from this passion and a lot of hard work, we have achieved results and successes throughout the many years of working together. It doesn’t happen overnight but the harder you push and the longer you stick with it, the greater the results and successes will be.

YUCA is our dream and we are living that dream, and in doing so, if we can be an active voice and source of support to even one person, young or old, in the pursuit of their dreams, we are stoked!

Assisting others to attain their dreams and passions truly drives us forward. It is, for us, a big part of our “NBNL” lifestyle.

We love it and live for it.

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