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Nine Ways to Keep Moving Forward in Life

By on Nov 28, 2008

keep moving forward

Around here we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things. – Walt Disney

Life can hit hard. Sometimes you get knocked down when you don’t even see it coming. Some are cheap shots, some are glancing blows and some can bring you to your knees. When this happens, it’s not about how hard you get hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, but still find the strength to keep moving forward. It’s about having the will to continue in spite of the obstacles.

It is interesting where inspiration can be found at times. Our son, Andrew, bought the Rocky Series not long ago. This DVD set contains all six Rocky movies. Recently, I had an opportunity to watch the last movie in the series, Rocky Balboa, with my son. The movie contains a very poignant scene between Rocky and his son. The message Rocky delivers is one of hope, courage and determination when life hits hard:

This scene is a great reminder that character is not defined by what happens to you, but rather by how you react to what happens to you. When you get hit, do you stay down? Or do you reach down somewhere deep inside of you and pull up the courage that lifts you back on your feet to keep moving forward? You do have a choice. Consider these Nine Ways to Keep Moving Forward when you are faced with this choice again.

Forget Regret
Leave your mistakes and regret in the past. They don’t define your value, then or now. When you stay in the past you become stuck and unable to move forward. We all have made mistakes with our job choices, friends and relationships. The consequences can hit us pretty hard. However, to begin learning how to put these experiences behind us – by letting them go, we can begin to live in the here and now. Give yourself the gift of forgiveness and keep moving forward.

Learn from Failure
Learning from failure and having regret are two separate things. Regret is an emotion; a feeling of disappointment along with a modest amount of shame or guilt. But to look back at a circumstance and figure out what went wrong gives you some very important information. This review allows you to evaluate what worked and what didn’t, and more importantly, why. Often when you are removed from a situation, you can look at it more objectively which will allow you to make better choices to keep moving forward.

Ask for Help
You are not alone. It may feel that way sometimes, but there are many people who would extend their hand and lift you up if asked. All you have to do is ask. Consider co-workers, neighbors, or your church. Often times we are afraid to ask because we don’t believe we are worthy to receive the help. Think about this: we are surrounded by millions and millions of people by design – for a purpose. A hand to grasp, a shoulder to cling, and a face to radiate hope can help you to keep moving forward.

Believe You are Worthy
Whatever your goal, your dream, or your desire, you are worthy of achieving it. The closer you get to it is when the enemy of you soul will begin putting doubt in your mind by playing the self-limiting tapes that say you are not worthy. Replace these old tapes with a newer one that contains the truth – you are worthy to have your heart’s true desire and to keep moving forward.

Take 100% Responsibility
Except in rare and unfortunate circumstances, you are responsible for the quality and condition of your life. Your career, your relationships and your happiness are all under your direct control. Sometimes we choose to do nothing when we get hit hard because it’s just easier and less painful that way. But the real pain is only deferred. You have to live with yourself. You have to live with the voice in your gut, your inner wisdom, that says you gave up too soon or didn’t try hard enough. When you hear this inner voice speaking to you, it’s usually right. It’s your choice, then, to get up and keep moving forward.

Know What You Want
This isn’t about the how, only the what. In order to move forward in life, you need a firm foundation to step from. Understanding what and where you want to go in life will provide your vision and spirit – your foundation. The how will figure itself out when you know you want to keep moving forward.

There are no accidents without value. When you get hit hard and land on your back, look for the reasons and for the value in this. Open your heart and trust this happened for a reason. Perhaps it was to test your determination or to alert you to the fact you were on the wrong path. Either way, trust the experience is happening for a reason and be open to making adjustments in order to keep moving forward.

Want it More
How badly do you want it? How badly do you really want to achieve what you are working so hard to accomplish? When you get hit hard, you have an opportunity to answer this question. It’s one thing to say you want to do something, or to be something. But to walk through the pain; to get up and keep moving forward knowing there may be more pain ahead, is a test of your determination and resolve. When you find yourself getting back on your feet, you have indeed answered this question and there’s no doubt you will keep moving forward.

Keep the Faith
Faith: A strong belief in something without proof or evidence
At the end of the day when you are weary from all of the effort and energy you have expended and you are sore and tired from being hit hard so many times, but the dream is not realized, the one thing that tells you to keep going; to get up tomorrow and to keep moving forward, is your faith. Honor this and cherish it. Faith is what makes you human. It gives you energy and hope. And if you let it, your faith will deliver you to wherever you want to go in life.

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  • Karin D.Roots

    For,me it would have to be thr trust factor. I know what I wont and I know what I am good for, the objective is actually getting their…I guess

  • Nomsadube006

    I like all nine step is like they are directly speaking to me. From now on I’ll keep my faith an be 100% responsile of my life

  • angela

    I think the part about taking 100% responsibility so important- until you do that none of the rest of the advice will help. I’m a career late bloomer (college graduate, but struggling) and my best friend is a social late bloomer (35 year old virgin). It’s been hard to separate my issues from hers at times, but I’m realizing how things have been over the years- instead of helping eachother move forward we’ve often held eachother back and stayed in a safe spot together. While she’s finally taking some steps in the right direction, I’m still having a tough time. I want to be happy for her, but I can’t help feeling resentful that she’s now doing things with other friends that she would never do with me. While it’s great that she’s finally ready to get out there and take some risks and meet new people I feel like our friendship has turned toxic. I’m trying to take responsibility only for my share of the problem. We grew up in a repressed religious atmosphere and so I know most of what she’s going through isn’t personal or about me. I went through this phase she’s in 20 years ago when I was 15- I went to a large public high school and was forced to sort it all out at that time (as a teen when most people do it). She stayed close to her mom/dad so she’s only just getting to this phase of independence in her social life. I want so badly to be supportive and yet I’m just angry at her. Plus, I’m a career late bloomer, so I’ve got a lot of my own issues to resolve. She’s going through things now that most people go through in high school. While I have been struggling in my career I went through all the major life milestones pretty much on time with everyone else- prom, getting my driver’s licence, going to parties and meeting boys, losing my virginity, etc. I’m not sure if I can be close with my bff in this next stage of life. We’re just in such different places. It’s a difficult transition to try and figure out my own mess, but having to factor in her crap also is overwhelming at times. Honestly, I think she needs to the space too, b/c I don’t feel like we’ve pushed eachother forward. I also often feel like since she’s never had a relationship, the emotional burden of that need for intimacy sometimes falls to me. I don’t think she’s a lesbian (not that there’s anything wrong with that), just really insecure and afraid to date. I’m not a man and I can’t give her what she really needs, which is validation as a woman that she’s desirable. No matter how many times I am a cheerleader for her, I’m only her friend. I can’t give her the confidence that some dating success would give her. And vice-versa, she can’t give me the confidence that figuring out my career path would give me. I don’t know why it’s so hard to sort this all out, only we’ve been friends for almost 30 years now. Basically, since we’re both late bloomers we can’t really help eachother and as far as I can tell there’s a lot of resentment on her part, too (i get the feeling she thinks it doesn’t show, but it does). I’m wondering if any other late bloomers have had similar experiences? At first glance, you’d think that since I’m a late career bloomer and my friend is a late social bloomer that maybe we’d balance it out and could help eachother. But mostly we just hold eachother back.

    • elim

      thank you! for the encouraging words

    • Hi. I know you have written this question 5 years back but still I want to say something. I would be happy to know you managed to come out of this situation and are in a better place in life. My answer might help some else who is in a similar situation now.
      Firstly, thank you for sharing your story. It only shows how brave you are and you believe in looking for solutions if things are not working out in any area of your life. Thats awesome.
      After reading your story, I felt you were stuck. It is a situation where I have been through once. My close friend was letting me grow and take a direction in life that felt so normal to me. But he seemed to be resisting it, because he thought I was not the same as before when we became good friends.
      Coming out of that situation I can tell you that it is important to let each other grow in a relationship. You will not loose the other person. The other person will acknowledge that you respect her/his choices and desires to grow in life. We all want to grow. That is what is most important to every soul. Once the soul is restricted, our lives become dull and we loose inspiration.
      So, this is an amazing opportunity for someone to focus more on what they would like to become better at. It could be the job or money or any other life experiences. Instead of stoping the other person to grow and take a new direction, it is important to let go the other person and find ways to grow yourself . It is a perfect situation to figure out what are the your dreams and what kind of life you want in the next 5 or 10 years. As you get busy improving yourself, people and things that will truly make you happy will align in your life and painful people and situations will leave you alone.
      So don’t resist and don’t stop or block each other. Growth is the key. Thats where you will find most happiness, friends and wealth.

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  • varishtajan