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Building a Love that Lasts: 30 Years of Proof

By on May 04, 2014

buidling love that lasts

To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides. – David Viscott

I met Mary Beth 30 years ago today.

Our chance meeting is now a legendary family story: Mary Beth and her cousin were heading to Virginia Beach for a girls-night-out, but missed a turn and ended up at a college bar in Norfolk.

I was going home after watching a baseball game and decided to have a night cap at the same college bar.

After finishing the beer, I walked over to the bar to return the mug. That’s when I saw her. Paralyzed by shyness in situations like this one in the past, something gave me the courage to approach her. I sat down next to Mary Beth, started a conversation and have never left her side since.

For the last 30 years my wife and I have been committed to building a love that lasts. Even though there have been challenges, disappointment and hardship, love has always held us together.

So, with more years ahead of us, when the hard times return, I can look to the past and remember that no matter what, my love for Mary Beth will last forever. Here’s my proof:

1. Mary Beth is my best friend.

2. My wife is an amazing mother and parent.

3. She never quits on herself, or on us.

4. My wife still loves to cuddle.

5. She shows me I’m worthy to be loved.

6. Mary Beth gives me all the time I need to write.

7. She still likes to hold hands when we take our after-dinner walks.

8. I can’t imagine life without her.

9. My wife is committed to improving the lives of others.

10. Mary Beth rolls up the tube of toothpaste for me.

11. Her spirit shines so bright.

12. She is the Yin to my Yang.

13. Mary Beth thinks I’m a wonderful parent, partner and man.

14. She knows what the baseball term “unproductive out” means.

15. My wife whispers, “I love you,” before falling asleep.

16. She is a bad-ass Candy Crush player.

17. Mary Beth gave me a second chance to be a better husband.

18. My wife looks absolutely beautiful in her sun dresses.

19. She hums television commercial tunes without even realizing it.

20. My wife never backs down from her beliefs.

21. She opens my eyes to the goodness in me.

22. When I hug her, I get the feeling she’ll never let go.

23. Even with four children, she keeps a whole heart for each one.

24. She forgives my mistakes.

25. Mary Beth helps me find my smile when it’s missing.

26. My wife finds something to laugh about every day.

27. Her time management “challenges” make her adorable.

28. She has not lost her romantic impulse.

29. Mary Beth loves me and is still determined to make it work – no matter what.

30. I will always love my wife because she’s not perfect, but she is perfectly Mary Beth – and that’s more than enough proof for me.

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  • Pat Ruppel

    Congratulations to you both, Alex — 30 years is quite a milestone especially to still be so happy with each other. I like your story on how you met and is a little similar to ours in that hubby and I also met by chance in Virginia but it was a little north across the bay on the Eastern Shore in Cape Charles. Instead of returning a beer mug, hubby and his fellow airmen pretended they ran out of gas one night when they saw us out cruzin’. 50 years later we feel the same about each other as you expressed about Mary Beth. Love to you both and may you be blessed many more years. I can’t see how you can’t help but be.

  • Alex, I loved reading your story! My husband and i have been married 27 years and I feel that way about him, too. Congratulations!

    • Good for you guys Betsy! Here’s to celebrating a lifetime of love.