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Love Can Give a Little More

By on Oct 21, 2015

Today’s Inspiration: Somedays it feels like the world is crashing down. Rejection, disappointment, defeat – somedays it’s just too much. So, on when the world feels like it’s only getting darker, know this: Love can take it and then give you a little more. So, keep holding on. Love can give you a little more:

  • Love can give you encouraging words that remind you to never give up.
  • Love can give you the presence of your Higher Power.
  • Love can give you a gentle reminder of your special gifts.
  • Love can give you a hand up when you have fallen.
  • Love can give you a sense of peace even in the worst storm.

love can give

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  • Laura Beth

    This is beautiful, and yes…inspiring! Just wanted you to know it resonated with me.

    • Hi Laura Beth – I’m so happy you liked the post.

      Take good care,


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