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More Simple Ways to Live Happy

By on Oct 15, 2014

more ways to live happy

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. – Charles Spurgeon

In Simple Ways to Live Happy, the way to happiness came with a promise. And the promise is simple: You don’t have to spend your life pursuing happiness because happiness will find you when you realize it’s doing the simple things that matter most.

So, don’t worry about how old you are; or the amount of money tucked away in your bank account; or what you’re doing or not doing to find happiness. Put down the roadmap you’ve glued together from reading countless books on finding happiness. Do less of the hard stuff and more of the simple stuff.

Here are more simple ways to live happy:

Simple Ways to Live Simply

simple things

Savor every moment
To be in the moment is to live in the moment. Too often we are thinking ahead or looking ahead to the next event or circumstance, not appreciating the “here and now.” When you savor every moment, you are savoring the happiness in your life.

Find your calling
Some find meaning in religion or spirituality while others find purpose in their work or relationships. Finding your calling may be much more than accomplishing one simple thing for increasing your happiness, but having a sense of purpose – of feeling like you are here for a reason – can bring the greatest happiness of all.

Forget regret
Leave your mistakes and regret in the past. They don’t define your value, then or now. When you stay in the past you become stuck and unable to move forward. To begin learning how to put these experiences behind you – by letting them go, you can begin to live in the here and now.

Learn from failure
Learning from failure and having regret are two separate things. Regret is an emotion; a feeling of disappointment along with a modest amount of shame or guilt. But to look back at a circumstance and figure out what went wrong gives important information.

Listen, really listen
Listen without judgments or criticism. Try to avoid any self-referencing and be fully present for whoever needs it.

Give yourself grace and mercy
We all make mistakes – always have and always will. Perhaps no one is harder on you than you. Give yourself grace for your sins and mistakes. These don’t define your value or purpose in life.

Simple Ways to Love Passionately

simple ways to love passionately

  1. Take time to send a quick, “I’m thinking of you” text message or email.
  2. Hold hands every chance you get.
  3. Teach one other. Learn from one other.
  4. Cheer for your husband; let him know you are his biggest fan.
  5. Apologize to your wife when you know you are wrong.
  6. Make big decisions together.
  7. When your feelings have been hurt, speak the truth in love; not hate.
  8. Admit your mistakes.
  9. Show grace when the mistakes are admitted – and then provide forgiveness.
  10. Be your partner’s defender; but not his enabler.
  11. Don’t criticize her ideas.
  12. See the beauty in everything you create.
  13. Focus on her needs first.
  14. Give him your attention when it’s requested.
  15. Keep your word.
  16. Respect what’s important to the other.
  17. Say, “I love you,” three times a day.
  18. Give a little space when it’s requested.
  19. Play together.
  20. Don’t keep score of the small things you do.
Simple Words of Encouragement

simple words of encouragement

The right word said at the right time can offer encouragement. The perfect words can also provide hope and give someone a boost when their energy is flagging. Here are a few simple words of encouragement for the person in your life who just might need to hear them right now:

To make the first step toward change, you must begin. To paraphrase the Lao-tzu quote: the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. To finish successfully, you have to get started. There is no time like the present.

Let go of the bad and focus on the good. Positive energy and a positive attitude will get you a lot further. Let go of what you can’t change and, instead, look to what you can change. Choose to dwell on things that are going well.

“Peace comes from within; don’t seek it without,” Buddha This wise quote makes great advice. Material possessions, external circumstances, other people’s behavior–nothing will make you happy from the outside. Happiness starts with your own heart and soul.

Without the struggle, there is no strength. You can’t build strength without a little heavy lifting. Storms and tribulations will come; but you will out the other side stronger and better than ever.

Wake up and chase your dreams. Nothing can hold you back! You are who you want to be and you can do whatever you want to do. Make the decision to take one step toward a goal of yours today.

Don’t lose a diamond while chasing glitter. The biggest, brightest opportunities of life sometimes pass us by while we’re busy chasing temporary, less wonderful opportunities. The perfect job or perfect mate may take a little longer to get, but it will be well worth it.

Sometimes, you just need to take a deep breath and remind yourself of who you are and where you’re going. Perspective is everything. Let yourself have a break sometimes to remind yourself where you’re at–and where you’re still going.

Be fearlessly authentic. Don’t let anyone hold you back. Be yourself–unashamed, unafraid. There’s something beautiful in a person who can be who they are boldly and purely.

Happiness is the highest form of health. Add the prescription for happiness to your daily regimen. Whatever makes you happy, find a way to make it fit into your life.

Simple Ways to Let Go

simple ways to let go

Use the frustration. No one likes to be stuck. But if you focus on the feeling of being stuck, the frustration can give you energy. Take in how frustrated you are with where you are, you’ll be more likely to use it to make a fresh start, and truly put it behind you.

Give up the victimhood. Everyone is a victim at some point in their life, and there is no doubt that terrible things may have happened to you that were unfair. But seeing yourself as a victim is being focused on the past. Instead, look forward to who you can be today, master of your own destiny.

Expand Your Self Perception. Many times, the problem with being fixated on yesterday is that you see yourself a certain way, as being a certain way. Sometimes, you can get beyond this problem simply by realizing that some of the ways that you view yourself may be incorrect. Try to see yourself with fresh eyes and new opportunities will arise.

Give yourself more credit. Fixation on the mistakes of the past often occur because you are being too hard on yourself. Mistakes happen. The reason is often a small thing, and not related to your value as a person. The problem is that we tend to connect our elf worth to our mistakes, when instead we should focus on our accomplishments.

View your mistakes as gifts. Your mistakes don’t have some deep meaning about whether you matter. They are gifts that show you the way forward.

Making a list of goals can help you shift your focus towards the future. Your life should be about tomorrow and not the day before. You can help yourself move in a new direction by getting a sense of what you want out of life.

Pay attention to how you feel. If you can figure out what is making all the negative emotions happen, you can often undo them and focus on other things.

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