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Life is Hard, and

By on Apr 03, 2013

focus on what is right

Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger. – Steve Maraboli

Life is hard
and it can seem unfair.
That’s why there’s faith.
Faith provides an anchor to drop during the storm.

Life is hard
and finding happiness can be difficult.
Learning that happiness doesn’t come from getting something you don’t have; but by appreciating what you do have, makes it a little easier to find.

Life is hard
and you don’t need to do everything right;
and you don’t need to please everyone.
You just need to be who you are.

Life is hard
and sometimes it’s tough to stay positive.
When negative thoughts flood your mind, you do have a choice:
You can focus on what’s right in your life, or you can focus on what’s wrong.

Life is hard
and what happens doesn’t always make any sense.
But no matter what happens, there are lessons left behind
and these lessons serve as gifts
waiting to be opened.


Life is hard
and sometimes experiencing the hard things
will bring you closer to the good things.
When this happens
courage is born.

Courage reveals a powerful truth –
You are stronger than you think;
braver than you feel and
more determined than you know
to make it through the hardships.

Once the anchor is firmly in place,
and the storm is over
you can say with confidence,
“Yes, life is hard sometimes, and
no matter what happens,
it’s good to be alive.”

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  • “Yes, life is hard sometimes, and
    no matter what happens,
    it’s good to be alive.” This gave me chills. Love, love, love this post. It’s true and so beautiful.

    • It’s all about perspective for me Anne-Sophie. Thanks so much for your kind, encouraging words!

  • In reading stories from widows this is the general tone: that life is hard, that it is not fair. I understand that. It’s almost impossible to feel it any different. And I’m glad you’re bringing encouragement and a broader perspective to the many people that need it every day.

    Also, in my experience: Life feels differently depending on how we approach what it brings us. The more we resist what is, the harder it feels. The more we’re able to go with the flow of what life brings us, the softer it becomes.

    There are many situations when “just going with the flow of it” seems impossible. But then, it gets easier along the way. And so does life.

    • Halina, you make a great point. Learning how to realize the flow and then embrace it is difficult, but the results can be life-changing.