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Let Go, Simplify and Breathe

By on Sep 01, 2014

letting go and breathing

If you want to make God laugh, just tell Him your plans. – Woody Allen

It’s good to be back, writing again.

After stepping away for the summer, I felt the nudge to return to The BridgeMaker. My time away wasn’t about losing my passion – it was about doing what I had to do to keep my head above water.

Need to Breathe

Do you know the feeling? The days when you feel like your head is just below the water line and you’re doing everything you can to push upward to breathe, but the life-giving air is just out of reach.

Frustration builds, making the task more difficult. That’s when anxiety takes over; pushing you further down.

To give myself a chance to get back above the water line, I had to let go of a few things. I started letting go of the things that weren’t necessary for my need to breathe. Things like trying to be all things to all people; trying to be perfect with my responsibilities; and trying to give more than I received.

Perhaps I went too far with my purging, but I needed to clear out the space so I could re-fill it with things that were healthier for me. Things like taking better care of me, having a shorter to-do list and giving myself a break more often.

Finding simplicity

In this process, I found simplicity feels better than the need to please and overachieve. Turning to simplicity gives me the energy to lunge above the water line when it feels like the tide is coming in too fast.

But finding, and then hanging onto the simple things is a choice I need to make each day. Choices like…

  • When I feel tired…I will rest.
  • When I want something…I will ask.
  • When I feel inspired…I will write.
  • When my heart leaps…I will love.
  • When there is too much to do…I will choose.
  • When I miss someone…I will call.
  • When I want to be understood…I will explain myself.
  • When I have a question…I will ask.
  • When I like something…I will say it.
  • When I don’t like something…I will say that, too.
  • When my passion swells…I will pursue it.
  • When I feel anxious about where I’m going…I will keep learning to let go, and just breathe.
Making the Choices Easier

It’s time to reopen this bridge so I can continue my journey. Just liked when I closed the bridge in June, I have no idea where’s it taking me, but I know there’s plan created for me and this bridge is part of the path.

How did Woody Allen put it? Something like, “If you want to make God laugh, just tell Him your plans.”

Letting go of the need to control my journey makes things easier. And putting my trust in a plan created for me doesn’t rob me of the choices I mentioned earlier – it makes the choices easier.

Always trying to plan and control everything was the biggest thing keeping me just below the water line.

But learning to let go of the things I can’t control is helping me return to the days when faith, hope and an eager spirit swelled inside of me with such an amazing force that I had to share it through my words. I miss those days, but I miss the person I was in those days more

So, it’s back to writing, sharing and trusting God’s plan for me. To do those things, the time away has taught me that my peace is found by letting go, simplifying… and giving myself permission to breathe.

The BridgeMaker Founder Alex Blackwell is the author of Letting Go: 25 True Stories of Peace, Hope and Surrender. Join the community to connect, share and inspire: Twitter | Facebook | More Posts

  • Welcome back Alex! You have been missed. I understand your need to take a break and regroup. So glad that you took that time for yourself and I’m confident that you will find the path that works best for you!

    • Hey Cathy – this path feels right for me, so I think you will see me on it for a while longer. Take good care.

  • bheretoday

    Imagine my surprise and delight when I was once again greeted by The BridgeMaker. Love your writing, Alex. You’ve been missed.


  • Becky

    Alex, what a wonderful way to begin a new day and a new month. Being able to read another writing by The BridgeMaker. Thank you for your dedication and inspiration!

    • You’re amazing Becky! I appreciate your dedication too!

  • How wonderful to have you back Alex. Writing as beautifully as ever. You please my heart my friend. 🙂

    • It’s so good to be back Elle! Thanks so much for your encouragement.

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