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Lean on Faith

By on Oct 05, 2014


Faith is the bird that feels the light when the birth is still dark. – Rabindranath Tagore

My faith was tested recently. And I failed. Fortunately it was tested by a baseball game and not by a crisis; but the life lesson learned is just as important.

With the Kansas City Royals trailing the Oakland Athletics in the American League Wild Card Game, I gave up on my hometown baseball team. After 14 years of believing in them and hoping one day they would make it to postseason play, I went to bed in the seventh inning thinking the game was over.

But the Royals didn’t lose faith.

They found a way to come back and tie the game and then the team found a way to win. I missed it because I didn’t believe – I missed it because I didn’t lean on faith.

A Primer for Faith

Faith is a complete trust or a strong belief in someone or something. It’s what allows you to continue, to keep moving forward despite knowing little of the things around you. Faith is sacred. It’s emotional. It lies in the very core of your being.

Faith is the purest intentions of the human heart…your heart.

You are born not with the ability to think logically, but to feel. It’s only when you begin learning more about the world that your emotions are placed in the background and the mind takes over.

But not all things can be understood by intelligence. Not everything can be deciphered by logic or analyses. There are some things in this world that defy logical explanation. There are some things in this world that simply lean on faith.

This is where faith makes all the difference. On the night the Royals came back to win, my mind was taking over – thinking the worse – while the baseball team defied logic and won.

The mind can make goals and seek good things. It can desire to aspire, but it’s the heart and the faith that wraps around it that provides the strength to make that big leap and persevere.

Faith is the persuader to find the balance when chaos makes an appearance. Faith is what gives you peace during turbulent times. It’s a power that encompasses insecurities, vulnerabilities and human frailties.

A mirror is where we find a reflection of our appearances, but in faith is where we find a reflection of our soul.

Keep Leaning on Faith

Like the Kansas City Royals, here are some more inspiring examples of people who leaned on their faith to overcome obstacles.

  1. Albert Einstein, scientist
    Albert Einstein, the father of modern physics did not learn to speak until he was four years old and was rejected from college because he failed to pass the entrance exam. This did not deter him; he tried again and made it. Now what would have happened if Einstein given up at first try?
  2. Richard Branson, CEO
    As a small child, Richard did poorly in school and suffering from dyslexia made things harder. Richard defied the odds and he is now one of the richest people in the United Kingdom. Among his ‘trophies’ are an airline, a record label, a mobile phone company and an island in the Caribbean.
  3. Wilma Rudolph, runner
    Born premature and underweight, (a mere four and a half pounds!), Wilma also contracted polio when she was four years old. This resulted in her wearing leg braces for the next five years and another two years wearing orthopedic shoes. This did not stop Wilma from pursuing track and field. In the 1960 Olympics, she claimed three gold medals and set two world records.
  4. Bill Gates, CEO
    Probably the richest man in the world, failed at his first attempt at business. The products he tried to sell didn’t work. But this did not stop him from trying again. Now everyone knows Microsoft.
  5. Stephen King, writer
    Stephen’s first novel was rejected not once, not twice or three times but thirty times! Now his books have sold more than 350 million copies worldwide and many of them have been made into movies.

So, in this life, your life – faith is what will see you through the hard times. When you do, you too will achieve your heart’s desire.

And keep leaning on faith, even when you’re down three runs in the seventh inning. I know I am.

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