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A Simple Path – To Knowing What Is True

By on Apr 24, 2013

“Knowing yourself is true wisdom.” – Lao Tzu

Every now and then we feel a nudge – a gut feeling so strong that ignoring it isn’t an option.

My gut has been trying to get my attention lately. It possesses a wisdom that is rooted in what I’ve done; what I’m doing and what I’m about to do.

Refusing to go unnoticed, my gut is poking at my consciousness with unflinching bravery. After all, the truth can be hard to hear sometimes.

I think we humans are wired with a truth detector more accurate than any man-made apparatus. Even though we don’t always abide by the truth, we certainly know the truth when we hear it. At least I’d like to think that I do.

Full Surrender

Recently, I’ve been more focused on the future than on the present: Should Mary Beth and I downsize and sell the house; how can we find more ways to reduce our monthly expenses so our eventual retirement is more comfortable; what will Caitlin do after graduate school; will Andrew play baseball beyond college; has Brandon found the one; and after just making the Freshmen cheering squad, will Emily make the JV squad next year?

Knowing these answers, I thought, would reveal the truth for me and the truth would lead me to happiness.

But my gut kept getting louder. It finally got my attention with the not-so-subtle nudges that have resulted in my anxiety spiking; fighting restless nights and seeing only problems, not solutions.

These nudges were telling me that I had lost sight of knowing what is true for me.

So, I surrender.

I surrender to what is good for me.

I surrender to knowing what is true for me

The wisdom of soul tells me that what is true for me is taking the time to soak in the joy of every moment; to nourish my body with the right food and to refrain from the things that bring it down.

My soul tells me to look for what’s good in a sometimes ugly world; to see the positive in every situation and to never turn away from my faith. My wisdom, my gut, tells to keep hope alive even in the middle of the storm.

Only through knowing what is true for me can I witness the present and future coming together to create a beautiful life that is waiting today – and tomorrow.

Sometimes the simple path to knowing what is true begins by finding the courage to listen to your gut and the truth it holds.

Thanks to the nudges and my gut’s constant chatter, I’m learning that what’s true for me isn’t found by planning so carefully; it’s found by living so richly.

knowing yourself

What is A Simple Path?

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  • I feel you Alex. I’ve had many nights over my 21+ years as a dad wondering about the future. Somehow, it all worked out and the time I spent wondering (worrying) was pretty much time spent in bad vibes unnecessarily. I’ve tried to learn from it and will continue to work on it.


    • Thanks for the support David. I guess it’s human nature to worry, especially as parents. But when we take the time to love and lead our children, they typically follow the right path (in spite of our worry!)