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Kindness is Alive Because of You

By on Mar 30, 2011

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. – Plato

March is going out like a lion; and a lamb.

The weather in the Midwest has wavered between freezing rain and mild temperatures all month. After living in Kansas for 10 years, I’ve come to understand the concept of snow one day followed by an 85-degree day the next is just a way of life here. So, March 31 has the potential to start out bitterly cold before bowing to a beautiful, tranquil spring day.

Beyond the month’s vacillating weather, there’s been a force more stable lingering in the air – kindness. Tomorrow, the 31 Days of Kindness project is going out with the power of a lion; and with the gentleness of a lamb.

The goal of the month-long project has been to encourage people to perform one act of kindness daily. By doing so, the hope was kindness would become a habit that is sustained beyond the 31 days.

A lesson in kindness

Before launching the project, I never thought an earthquake would strike Japan with such devastating force or bombs would fall over Libya. I thought the condition of the world on February 28, 2011 was reason enough to encourage the habit of kindness.

However, the past 31 days provided a few more reasons to show kindness because the world, like our lives, is not static. Bad things will continue to happen. And although my faith tells me to remain positive, I know worse days will come.

This past month has been a reminder to grab Hope with both hands and hold on to the belief we will continue to help each other through the dark days. Our love will serve as a bridge to take people from the pain and to a place where kindness lives.

The lesson for me over the past 31 days hasn’t been the realization that kindness is alive despite bad things happening; the lesson has been that kindness is alive because God gives us the ability to create it. Kindness exists because we choose deliberate actions that make it come alive.

The kindness of others

Fortunately, I have not walked alone the past 31 days.

It’s been my pleasure sharing this journey with you. I’ve enjoyed reading your encouraging comments here and on The BridgeMaker Facebook page. You have embraced this project and made it successful because of your beautiful presence.

To the new friends I’ve met, thank you for standing next to me. But more important, thank you for being such an amazing ambassador for kindness.

It is also with sincere gratitude I acknowledge my fellow bloggers who have helped to spread the message of kindness. Each one submitted kindness ideas to A Manifesto for Making Kindness a Daily Habit or wrote about kindness on their blog – or did both.

When you can, I encourage you to visit these wonderful people so you can experience the size of their hearts, too:

Kindness springs eternal

April is almost here and with it, the promise of new life that spring brings.

With spring, the after-dinner walks with Mary Beth will resume. This is our time to reconnect and absorb each other once again. We will chat about our days, talk about what’s happening beyond each other and plan what will happen next in our lives.

The evening sun will show us down the path and then back home. Waiting there will be our home that is built on a strong foundation of hope, love and kindness.

The past month has made me realize that what we build for ourselves can also be built for the rest of the world. All we need to do is take the time to lift our heads, see the need and then choose to walk with those who need our kindness.

When we choose to take this walk then it becomes a way of life; a daily habit that brings kindness to life – because of you.

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  • So true ify – one single act of kindness can fill someone up with so much love, and value, they feel invincible!