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Is This As Good As It Gets?

By on Jan 28, 2010


Not life, but good life, is to be chiefly valued. – Socrates

When we were young the world seemed conquerable. Our dreams were big and there appeared to be no limit to who we could become or where we could go. However something happened along the way and life become more difficult than expected. Soon after, our hope started to trickle away.

It was a slow drip at first and hardly noticeable. But over time, our lost hope could fill a bucket. It is startling to see how each setback and missed opportunity added to its volume. Now holding the bucket with both hands to make sure it doesn’t topple over, our souls feel drained and we ask, “Is this as good as it gets?”

The answer: It depends on you.

Along with the disappointments we experience, we are also given an equal number of opportunities to neutralize our leaking hope. However, too often we allow the size of the disappointment to grow larger than it really is. When this happens, it is tempting to throw up our hands and give up.

We give-in to the temptation to quit and allow the feeling of hope to flow out completely. We settle for what we have and stop trying to get what we want. But we do have the choice to have the life we once considered. We do have the choice to answer the question, “Is this as good as it gets?” with the answer, “No, I want more.”

It’s time for you

Dust off your dreams.

Let today be the start of something amazing. Begin looking at your dreams with the same wonder and confidence you had years ago.

Listen to your heart. It’s saying you do have what it takes to get what you want; even if you have been a little too scared to try.

Break free.

Believe you are worth more than you feel. You do have the capacity to realize your life’s dream. Find freedom from uncertainty by taking action right now. Begin by doing one thing to start moving in the direction of your heart’s desire and away from the is this as good as it gets? feeling.

Tell a friend, bare your soul in prayer or shout to the world you are reclaiming a part of you that has been neglected long enough.

Exchange loss for renewal. Trade doubt for faith and permit love to flow back inside.

Let your new spirit rain down. Allow the rainstorm to continue through the night. And in the morning, feel renewed by its healing power to dream again.

When you ask, “Is this as good as it gets?” the answer depends on you.

It’s time for me

Years ago I had my dreams, too. I once dreamed of being a doctor. I wanted to heal people. When it became clear medical school was not in my future, my dream shifted to becoming a writer; a novelist and at least I would be able to touch people though my words, I thought.

However, a less-than-inspiring professor in college shattered this dream when he suggested a different career path would be the more appropriate choice. Regretfully, I listened.

Somewhere between 1982 and 2010 life got in the way. Marriage to a wonderful wife while raising four fantastic children has made the past three decades go in a flash. Unlike my choice in college, I have not regretted one moment of this life. But down inside, I know there is still plenty of life left in front of me and this is not as good as it gets – there is more.

It’s time to put down my bucket and begin drinking from it again. It has served as a reservoir for the last thirty years, but I don’t need it to hold my dreams any longer. It’s time to allow my dreams to flow back inside and fill me up with their limitless potential.

I want more. I want more contentment and peace. I want to help people while receiving some overdue self-care along the way. I want to see my spirit return with the once-realized power to go after my dreams.

“Is this as good as it gets?” Happily, the answer depends on me.

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  • @ Paul: I feel my nightmares are almost over thanks to you; the Grace you remind me that exists; and for quick-starting me on my journey.